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Bob owns and operates Twin Oak Enterprises, Inc. a real estate investment company which specializes in buying and selling single-family homes in northeast Ohio.


Bobís real estate business has grown dramatically giving him the opportunity to leave a lucrative career in retailing making a six figure income to become a real estate investor on a full-time basis earning many more times that.  His conservative and low risk style of investing will teach you how to buy and sell single-family homes right here in your area.


His system teaches how to get single-family homes bought at the lowest possible price, remodel them and sell them at top retail value quickly.  His methods will show you how to work with buyers of all credit types, A,B,C,and D to get your houses sold quickly, so you donít have to wait around for that A+ buyer.


Bob perfected the fixer upper business but quickly found out when youíre out looking for bargain property thereís virtually no way you can look for fixer upper property without running into some pretty houses or look for pretty houses and not run into any fixer uppers.  His system teaches how to make money in any situation. Meaning that, you can make money on low-end houses and you can make money on high-end houses.  He shows you how to become a transaction engineer so you too can generate large incomes for you and your family.


You'll learn how to make huge amounts of money in real estate buying and selling beautiful homes in great neighborhoods, that need no repairs, have no tenants, and require none of your own money! In fact some of these sellers will give you their house and pay you to take it!


Bob has become a national speaker and trainer in the exciting field of real estate. He wants you to approach this business to buy houses as if you were dead broke and didn't have a cent to your name.  You don't need any of your own money to succeed. He has one of the highest success rates in the country of successful students because he makes coaching a part of his system.


There are a lot of good folks out there right now searching for a vehicle that can get them financially where they want to go.  Some will be searching forever but your search is over!  Bob focuses on the minority of people who want to live in the real world, people that are self-motivated and shakers and movers. These people have the drive, ambition and burning desire to get ahead. Listen, Bob thinks youíre probably just like him, meaning that you like to learn everything you can about real estate and apply it to make your own fortune.  Real estate has made him a multimillionaire and his mission is to help as many people as he can reach their financial independence.



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