Automate your contracts and forms with this fast and easy software! -$197.00

Just fill in the blanks on your computer. The automated software does the rest to turn filling out difficult and time consuming contracts and forms into a quick and easy process. This allows you more time for your family, your leisure activities or for buying more real estate. It doesn't get any easier than this.


It also makes printing and filing real easy. Just simply save and print. You can print the number of copies you need with 2 clicks of your mouse.


You can modify any files to cover your specific issues. Make your own forms, modify the master forms, print blank forms, edit completed forms… You can do it all.  Complete with PC Software


Forms available:


  1. Addendum for seller to remain in property after closing.

  2. Affidavit and memorandum of agreement concerning real estate.

  3. Assignment of contract for purchase and sale.

  4. Authorization to release information.

  5. Call list for retail buyers.

  6. Calls list for sellers.

  7. Cash flow analysis for single-family home rentals

  8. Congratulatory letter to buyer after a sale.

  9. Contractor agreement.

  10. Contractors repair checklist.

  11. Contractors work list.

  12. First inspection repair list  to buy property.

  13. How to determine the true market value of a property.

  14. Land trust agreement:

·        Amendment to land trust agreement.

·        Assignment of beneficial interest in a land trust.

·        Certificate of appointment of trustee

·        Direction to execute agreement of sale (purchase) by trustee.

·        Direction to execute agreement of sale (sale) by trustee.

·        Direction to execute lease agreement by trustee.

·        Language for deed into land trust.

·        Warranty deed to the trustee.

  1. Offer recap to track offers made.

  2. Payoff Agreement Letter for notes and mortgages:

·        Contract for buying with all cash.

·        Contract for selling with all-cash

·        Contract for buying "subject to" with due on sale clause.

·        Land installment contract to buy.

·        Land installment contract to sell.

·        Lease agreement with option to purchase real estate.

·        Legal size purchase agreement.

·        Option to purchase.


  1. Real estate partnership agreement.

  2. Rental application

  3. Ten thirty one Assignment and Exchange Agreement (1031 exchange)

·        1031 exchange replacement property.

·        1031 Exchane description of real property.

  1. Seller letter of agreement and addendum for due on sale clause.




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