Getting Started Package- $297.00


First, there’s a set of 2 audio CD’s that will explain the whole process of buying and selling single family homes. They cover both the Junker business and the Pretty House business. The cost of the 90 min. audio is $197.   !!!!!


The second is a video of me, Bob Campana, going through a Junker property showing you how to estimate repairs, what repairs to make and how to make offers on the spot. The video also shows a repaired home that's been remodeled so you can see what finished homes should look like when you put them on the market for sale. A $197 value.


The third is a forms and contract disk, a $197 value, including:


•         Standard purchase and sales agreement.

•         Land installment contract to buy.

•         Land installment contract to sell.

•         Lease option contract with option to buy.

•         Legal size purchase agreement.

•         Option contract to buy.

•         Assignment of contract for purchase and sale.

•         Land trust agreement.

•         Warranty deed to the trustee.

•         Language for deed into land trust.

•         Amendment to the land trust.

•         Assignment of beneficial interest in land trust.

•         Direction to execute agreement of sale.

•         Direction to execute lease agreement

•         Real estate partnership agreement.

•         First inspection repair list.

•         Assignment and exchange agreement for 1031 exchanges.

•         Authorization to release information.

•         Business entities structure.

•         Call sheet for retail buyers.

•         Call sheet for sellers.

•         Contract agreement for contractors.

•         Contractors repair checklist.


Fourth: A 15 minute phone call with me. My job is to help you on a deal, it’s not to coach you, it’s not to train you but to help you get into and out of a deal.  If you don’t have prospects ready when you call, then don’t call. Make this 15 minutes count for you. Call when you're prepared to make some money. A  $297 value.


Fifth: My One Day Workshop: A solid day of reviewing all the strategies of buying and selling "Pretty Homes" and "Junker Homes." You'll see how I put together my latest real life deals. A $97 value.


Sixth: My monthly teleconferences. We'll discuss current events in the real estate industry that can help you continue to succeed at making money. You can ask questions, hear other students tell about their successes and hear about new strategies hot off the press. A  $97 value.


Seventh: My monthly ezine newsletter. A $97 value.


If my calculator's correct, if bought separately, that's $1179. You can buy this getting started package, for limited time, at a special price of just $297.



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