How Would You Like To Join Every Day People Making Hugh Incomes Investing In Real Estate All Across This Great Country?


You can join people from all different walks of life in learning how to quit being a slave to your job and employer by learning the profitable way to invest.


55% of Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs! Here are some reasons.


  • Boredom at their job.
  • Hate their boss.
  • No recognition or appreciation from his or her employer.
  • Not making enough money.


33 % despise the company they work for! Now here’s my question, why do they stay? When you see how easy and fast you can exceed your current income you’ll probably join the elite group of real estate entrepreneurs on a full time basis. If you happen to be among the minority that like your job than Real Estate can be a way to add to your current income. 


There is no best time to invest. The best time is anytime. Now is the best time! Six months from now will be the best time. A year from now will be the best time. Real Estate never goes out of fashion as a money producer.


You see; proper training is the key.


What If I Told You, Or Better Yet Showed You, How To Make A Fortune In Real Estate

At Any Time, In Any Economy, At Your Own Will, And At Your Own Pace!  Real Estate

Opportunities Are Always There For The Picking.


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Real Estate, Over The Past 100 Years, Has Created More Millionaires Than Any Other Business In The History Of The World.


I'd Like To Introduce You To The Most Powerful Strategies

And Techniques Ever For Turning Single-Family Homes Into Quick Cash Now And Building Wealth For The Future.


The Only Thing That Stands Between You And Your Financial Freedom Is GETTING STARTED!


Dear Friend:


Take a few minutes to read this letter.  Almost everyone can gain financial independence by investing in real estate: Male or female, young or old.  All you need is the willingness to spend a little time to learn the "insider secrets" that I'll teach you.  Ordinary men and women all across the country are reaping extraordinary profits investing in real estate.  I'll take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to buy and sell property at big profits.  You'll make big money when you sell and you'll also build a passive income so you can eventually leave that job that's costing you your financial freedom.  Your job not only cost you financial freedom but freedom to spend precious time with your family and friends.


It's My Fine-Tuned System That Guarantees Success

Because I'll Walk You Through It Until You're Making Money,

And I'll Even Give You A Refund If You Don't!


This four-day supercharged event is about how you can eliminate being a slave to that 9 to 5 job and take control of your life.  This event will give you the time you need to spend quality time with your family and not worry about where the money will come from to support them.

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It's About More Time, More Money, Less Stress And Less Work!


This is a business that can be done on a part-time or full-time basis.  Picture yourself working less and earning more.  Why work for someone else for peanuts when you can structure real estate deals to make money and in big chunks, $20,000, $30,000, $40,000 or more on a consistent basis.


The following three methods are the foundation for my system.  WHOLESALING is the business of locating low-cost houses and flipping them to other investors for a $3000, $5000 or $10,000 average profit.  You don't do repairs or even buy the property.  All you do is show up at the closing to pick up a big fat check. RETAILING is when we take the best properties out of this same group of low-cost houses and sell them to owner occupants.  This is where the Big Profits are made!  This is where I show you how to construct deals that generate up to $30,000 profit from just one deal.  I do this all the time and so can you! There are literally hundreds if not thousands of these houses all around you.  Today's foreclosures will make you a multi-millionaire. RENT AND HOLD is where you buy good, appreciable property and let your tenant payoff your mortgage giving you a free and clear property.  But I take this process a step further.  I don't like waiting 15, 20 or 30 years to get the money from these long-term properties.  I'll show you how to get money now and build wealth for the future. Being a landlord is more fun when you’re making money.


Work Smarter, Not Harder.  The Less You Do The More You Make!


You don't need "a head for numbers" to be your own boss.  If you can add and subtract, multiply or divide (or have a calculator), you can make big profits buying and selling houses.  I'll show you a " SECRET FORMULA" known by very few people that takes the mystery out of what price to pay for property.  You'll know what your profit will be going into the deal.  This one, of many, " INSIDER SECRETS" alone will pay many times over for the cost of this event.


That's what I mean by working smarter, you learn the "insider secrets" so you do the right work, the right way and profit big time from your knowledge.

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So decide right now to stop dreaming about owning your own business, being your own boss and providing your family with the lifestyle they deserve.  Learn what you need to know to turn your dream into reality.


Hello, my name is Bob Campana and I am a multi-millionaire.  I didn't inherit my money, win the lottery or make my fortune in the stock market, I learned what I needed to know about buying and selling real estate for quick and big profits from other multi-millionaires that not only taught on that subject but also actually practiced what they preached.


I used to be an executive working for a Fortune 500 company earning a good living.  But something big time was missing.  You see, the keywords are " working for."  That's all I did was work. Is that what you’re doing? Working all the time, usually six days a week, 10 to 12 hours a day, missing precious time with your family, friends and doing the things you want to do? Then change that, learn what you need to become financially independent using real estate as the means to get there!


When I decided to put my destiny in my own hands, I went out and educated myself on buying and selling real estate.  I attended seminars, listened to tapes and read books on everything I could find concerning real estate.  I read and listened to every so-called real estate Guru about how easy it is to become a millionaire.  You probably did many of these things too. I found that few of them gave me the skills, the nuts and bolts, to put cash in my pocket now and also build wealth for the future using a low-risk system.


Most programs taught the traditional "buy and hold" strategies, meaning that you buy property and rent it to tenants and 20 years later you'll own a free and clear property.  This system, “land lording” is full of headaches and is no fun. I'm betting you're the kind of person like me that needs cash today to live on.  So the strategies by these flash in the pan real estate guys were not for me.


So armed with the strategies I learned from the so-called "Guru's" I went out and put together a different plan, a step-by-step system for getting quick, easy cash on my real estate deals when I sell and also build wealth for the future and all in the same transaction.  It doesn't get any better than this! It’s easy, it’s fun and you don’t need to deal with tenants!

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I teach this system at my 4 Day Mega Real Estate Boot Camp.  Four action - packed days of teaching you my system step-by-step.  After these four days you’ll be so excited you won’t be able to sleep at night because you can't wait to get started.  You'll know more than 90 percent of real estate investors out there that fumble through each deal making peanuts compared to what you'll be able to do.


What Makes Me Qualified To Teach Real Estate Investing To You?


Well, I bought over $15 million worth of real estate in the last few years.  I've quick turned over 250 houses right in the Northeastern Ohio area and made loads of money doing it. I've taught thousands of students across the country my investment strategies.  They’re doing very well using the techniques and high-powered strategies they learned at a Boot Camp just like this one.


Listen, I Do What I Teach Everyday; But The Proof Of The

Pudding Is What My Students Have To Say:


“I had to write to tell you of my first rehab project. As you recall I was in your spring class. After attending and learning your system of real estate Investing and rehabbing, I had the confidence and the knowledge I felt I needed to begin my first project. As fate would have it two weeks after your Boot Camp I received a call from a “Don’t Wanter.” I went out with contract in hand using the comps and formula learned at your Boot Camp. To sum up my first experience, I was able to purchase the home for $31,000. I put approximately $21,000 into rehabbing and sold the house for $98,500 using the Ameridream Program and paying the seller closing costs. After deducting holding costs I received a check showing a gross profit to me of $37,720.92.”


“I partnered with a classmate who sat next to me at your seminar to do a wholesale deal on a home in Northfield Ohio, where we split $10,000. Not bad for a few hours work. We should be closing on another wholesale deal in the next few weeks. I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!” I want to thank you for your help, support and continued coaching to help make my first experience a huge success.”

Mike Rockford- Your #1 Fan, Cleveland, Ohio


"By using Bob Campana's formula I did my first deal and made $15,378 at closing plus a second mortgage of $2500 payable to me at $25 per month for 15 year term"


“I closed another two deals in a week, 1969 Donald I sold for $57,000, my profit was $23,900 and also sold 27 north Maryland for $64,000 and my profit was $18,000."


“I bought 854 Lanterman for $12,500, put $6000 in repairs for a total of $18,500 and I had $1000 in holding costs.  I sold at $54,000 on an 85 percent LTV for profit of $23,400 plus a second mortgage of $5400 with the payment of $115 per month.”

Jason Neapolitan, Full-time Real Estate Investor, Warren Ohio


“In September, I attended Bob's real estate boot camp.  Less than two weeks later I had the confidence to purchase my first investment property for $7000 in spite of the chuckles from some of my friends and family.”

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“Using Bob's techniques, I invested $13,000 in repairs and renovations.  I then sold that same property for $49,900!Once I subtracted by holding and selling cost by net profit was over $20,000.”


“Bob was terrific through the entire process providing advice and encouragement.

I now own investment houses No. 2 and No. 3 and plan on repeating the above scenario over and over again. Look who's chuckling now! Thanks, Bob.”

Pete Rouzzo, Retail General Manager, Austintown, Ohio


 “To my name is Roy Root and I'm a mortgage broker.  By using Bob's methods of buying and selling homes I have just recently sold a home that I had a total with remodeling of $17,000 for $50,450 netting me after closing costs $32,000 (profit).  That's one year's pay for a lot of people. Thanks for your help Bob.”

Roy Root, Mortgage Broker, Warren, Ohio


"My husband and I took Bob Campana's investment class together.  We purchased our first house within a few months of completing the class.  After rehabbing the property using Bob's formulas, techniques and advice, we were able to sell and made a profit of about $17,000.  We were apprehensive and made some mistakes along the way, but even with those mistakes we were still able to profit using Bob's methods.  Bob’s system definitely works."

Keith and Elaine Kroehle, Appraiser and Business Owner, Austintown, Ohio


 “A few months ago I purchased Bob Campana's audio and videotapes of his three-day Boot Camp “How to make money buying and selling single-family houses."  I've been a real estate investor for 26 years and I've attended dozens of seminars and boot camps and none have compared to his.  Without a doubt I've learned more than all the other seminars put together.  I've already purchased three properties at prices better than I thought possible.  One of these I've finished remodeling and within two weeks I had it under contract.  I've made about $18,000 with another $8,000 potential from a 2nd mortgage.  Now that I see how this works I intend to do about twelve deals in the next year and probably 20 per year thereafter.” 

Gary Neff, Contractor, Cortland, Ohio


" Your program was a great time for me.  If you follow Bob's program you will make lots of money in real estate.  My last (2) sales netted me $31,000 in profit"

Ed T., Contractor, Poland, Ohio       


“As a newcomer to the exciting and growing field of real estate investment, I wanted guidance in how to approach it in a systematic, businesslike fashion.  It was important to me to find someone who was trustworthy and had a proven track record of success in the business. I found what I was looking for and much more by participating in Bob Campana’s Real Estate Investment boot camp program.
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“Shortly after completing the course, I was able to locate an investment opportunity, negotiate a deal, and wholesale the property all within ten days and turning a $5000 profit.”

Marika Dienes, Real Estate Entrpeneur, Cleveland, Ohio


“I just wanted to send you the great news about my latest wholesale deal.  I found his deal browsing the M. L. S.  Since my wife is a real estate agent, she pulls listings for me to view on a weekly basis.  Since I live on the north side of Pittsburgh, I know the area very well.  For example, there was a property listed on the M. L. S.  for $15,000, and the selling price after repairs was about $45,000.  I viewed the property and estimated repairs using the repair estimate form that I received while attending your boot camp here in Pittsburgh.  After completing the estimates, I calculated my maximum allowable offer to be $10,000.  After negotiating with the bank for about three months, we finally agreed upon a purchase price of $10,000.  Once I get a property under agreement, I start the title search so that when I find a buyer we can close the deal.”


“I then placed an ad in the paper, called investors from a buyer's list, and posted the property for sale on the acre web site.  I found a buyer who just happened to be browsing the acre web site.  We agree on a sales price of $15,900.  Bob's training on retailing and wholesaling has definitely paid off! Thank you Bob.”

Leonard Adams, Real Estate Investor, Pittsburgh, Pa.


“Bob, these are deals I did recently did using your purchase and sales technique.

        Repairs        Sold        Gross Profit


                                         Summit        4500            1500          19000           13000


                                         Freeman      7200            4200           28000          15000


                                         Forest           5500            1000           21000         14500

                                                                                                             Total   $42500


Costs do not reflect title and transfer fees. I would advise any potential investor to closely follow Bob's lead.  Do as he says and you should be very happy and profitable in the future.”

J. R. N. Real Estate Broker, Warren, Ohio


My Mission Is To Help As Many People As I Possibly Can Become Financially Independent.  I've Found Over The Years That When You Help Others Get What They Want You Get What You Want.  

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At my Boot camp we'll lay out a step-by-step plan for you to duplicate what I, and many of my associates do all across the country.  You'll come away with strategies to increase your current income and build wealth for the future.


This is a business that will make you proud.  You'll not only make profits but you'll help others achieve homeownership.  Every day is a pleasure going to work.  Can you say that now?


Best of all you're in charge.  You can also learn how to buy your own home while looking for deals and how qualifying at a bank and putting up a big down payment has nothing to do with it.


My system will show you how to be a problem solver.  You'll offer solutions to help sellers get out of their problem homes and buyers get into their dream homes.  There's nothing illegal, immoral or unethical about it.  You'll feel especially good about helping people solve their problems and achieve their dream of homeownership.


Even if you're already involved in real estate, my boot camp is a terrific opportunity to learn exciting new ways to skyrocket your income.


You Can Make More Money In A Month Then Most So-Called Skilled Investors Make In A Year.


The focus of this event is to give you the education and strategies you need to achieve your financial goal in the quickest time possible.  You'll learn what to do first - and last - and everything in between.


I quit a high-paying career to invest in real estate full-time.  I make more money with less time and stress.  I spend more time with my family than any other time in my life and I'm enjoying life more.  And you can too!  Sign up now to take the steps that can change your lifestyle for the better.


I'll Personally Take You By The Hand

And Lead You To The Diamonds In The Rough!

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The biggest reason people don't get started is fear, fear of making mistakes and fear of losing money.  I understand this fear, I was afraid when I was working my first deal.  But after I got the proper training and got through my first one, I've never looked back.


My system will show you how to eliminate that fear and go forward with complete confidence.  You see, knowledge is the key! My Boot Camp will provide you with the knowledge you need to make enormous amounts of money buying and selling single-family homes.


Now I Can Show You in 4 Days What It Took Me Twelve Years

to Learn And Develop. Here is what we’ll do:


Day One: we'll cover how to find more bargains than you can handle, how to determine the market value of properties, how to construct offers with my “Secret Formula "that will guarantee that you'll never overpay again (and the formula can be used anywhere in the country)

  • How to construct offers quickly and easily so you'll never pay too much again and earn maximum profit
  • How to make $3000 in the first 60 days with no risk and using none of your own money.
  • You'll learn how to find more deals in one day than you need for the year.  Finding deals is easy when you know where to look.
  • How to easily find owners of vacant, abandoned houses and flip them to other investors too lazy to look for them and make big, quick profits.
  • How to set up systems to buy and sell houses, cutting out the wasted trial and error methods, and get to the money fast.  I'll cut 10 years off your learning curve!
  • How to work yourself out of your job and into your own business without missing a step in income.
  • Learn the magic words and phrases that have made me big profits when dealing with buyers and sellers.
  • How to estimate repair costs
  • How to determine what repairs to make avoiding spending money needlessly.
  • How to work effortlessly with contractors


Day Two:

  • How to make large profits on beautiful homes and even pay full price! You’ll learn where the big money in real estate is today!
  • How to find and negotiate with the sellers of beautiful homes to get them to deed the house to you with little or none of your own money!
  • How to create killer deals with none of your own money and still make the seller happy to deal with you!
  • How to purchase your own house for more than double what you normally could have when dealing with banks.  You can do this with bad credit, no credit or good credit!
  • How to build huge monthly cash flows that exceed your current income without the headaches of tenants!
  • Learn how to avoid the do-on-sale clause that prevents many investors from buying property!
  • How to buy homes without personally guaranteeing the loans and the risk that goes with them!
  • Learn how to profit from beautiful houses in the best areas without ever owning them!  Huge profits, no risks! Control, not ownership is the key!
  • How to have sellers standing in line to give you their house Free!  You learn how to be paid by the seller to take their house.
  • Learn how to structure deals so you can make money on houses that have more owed on them than they’re worth.  Few people know how to do this.  You'll be one of the chosen few that know.  Your competition on these types of homes is virtually none.
  • We’ll analyze and guide you on how to use the strategies to buy and sell until they become second nature to you.  You'll have the knowledge to go out and start making winning offers immediately.
  • How to purchase and control big beautiful homes without the risk of worrying about high mortgage payments.
  • How to avoid problems and pitfalls that can lead to financial disaster.
  • How to build a monthly cash flow by collecting payments on the deals that you make.
  • Learn the fastest way to quit that job that's costing you your financial freedom in six months or less.
  • Learn the right words to use when negotiating with sellers that can get you zero interest loans.
  • Learn how to get rich selling gorgeous homes that realtors don't want to deal with.
  • How to become the "Expert" quickly when dealing with sellers even though you have little or no experience.
  • How to structure $50,000 deals on a house, without taking title to it, without making payments and without any risk to you.
  • How to build a six-figure income quickly by working from your home.

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Day Three: we'll actually get on a big comfortable bus and go into your area to visit houses where I'll show you how to determine the cost of repairs, what repairs to make, how to determine what you'll offer on these properties and what to do with the property once the offer is accepted.


I'll actually make offers on these houses because when I go look at a property I want to buy it.  I’ve pre-qualified it.  This is real stuff.  You'll get hands-on experience.


This is one of the most popular segments of the seminar.  Halfway through the day you'll be able to estimate repairs and make your offer in less than 10 minutes after you arrive at a house.  And you'll know what your profit will be right then and there.


You can bring with you your potential property that you'd like to have analyzed and we'll take the group through your house and let you know what it would take to make that house a great deal.


Day Four: we'll discuss the properties we looked at, you'll learn the exit strategies, that is, how to dispose of your property quickly and get maximum profit.


Forget about the slow selling market, you'll learn:


Every Secret and Auto Pilot Technique I've Learned and Used in 17 Years to Make Sure You Never Have to Worry About Selling Houses Fast in a Slow Selling Market

  • Learn where to get all the money you need to finance all you're deals, usually within 48 hours.  Even if you're bankrupt, out of work, dead broke and have horrible credit. 
  • We'll have actual lenders on hand for properties you want to buy and lenders that will give your buyers loans to buy your houses.
  • How to have all your houses sold before you even find them. I'll teach you how to make houses easy to buy so they become easy to sell.  I'll show you how to dominate the market and sell houses for 10 percent more than they appraise for and have buyers stand in line to buy them.
  • How to build a passive income coming in every month even if you quit working.  I'm not talking about rental properties or being a landlord.
  • How to write a contract to buy and sell in any city in the USA.
  • How you can buy your own home with no money down and never apply for loan, your credit just doesn't matter.
  • How to take title to your property and reduce your liability by using corporations and land trusts.
  • How to set financial goals and building a cash-flow machine to get there.
  • How to become self-sufficient, live the way you want to live and not answer to anyone else as long as you live.
  • How to set up and use your Roth or Traditional IRA for buying real estate and getting supercharged returns that defer or even eliminate taxes.
  • How to grow your IRA to $1 million without investing another dime.  I bet you didn't know you could buy Real Estate legally in your IRA! It’s not the contributions that make the fortune it’s the earnings your IRA makes that does.
  • How to use 1031 Exchanges, a government approved program that can defer or eliminate taxes.

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Did you catch that? “Supercharged returns” that defer or even eliminate taxes.  This special session alone is worth many times the cost of the Boot Camp and your investment of time.  Did you know that your IRA could buy houses just like you?  Once you learn to do it without money you simply make your IRA or 401K be the buyer instead of you.  All the profits from your real estate transaction go into your IRA… Tax Free.  Your CPA and attorney can't teach you this because they don't know about it.  Why?  Because they don't understand real estate investing my way.  Trust me when you hear about how this process works it'll be a long night after the boot Camp.  You won't sleep; you'll lay awake when you hear how easy it can be to put your children and grandchildren through college….


And Never Pay A Dime Out Of Your Own Pocket! Real Estate Combined With Your IRA Is The Key That Opens The Vault.


You see it has nothing to do with your annual contribution or how much money is in your IRA.  That's not the issue.  You can open a self-directed IRA with $150 and grow it into one million if you never make another contribution.  I know that's new to you and you may have a lot of questions.  That's why I teach it at a live seminar.  When you leave, you'll know more than your CPA about growing wealthy in your IRA.  I promise you it's all true.  You'll see.


After these four days of intensive training, you'll be a trained assassin in real estate investing.  You'll have the knowledge and the confidence to go out and buy real estate and know that the profits are there for the taking.


My System Works And I'll Stand Behind It With A Complete Money Back Guarantee! A Guarantee You Can't Refuse!


I'm so confident than my program works, not only for me, but it will work for you as well, I'm offering a guarantee that is so foolproof that my family and friends think I've lost my mind.  But when you’ve been doing something as long as I have, and doing it successfully, there's really no risk to me. I've never had any of my students ask for their money back, that's only because the system works! So here is my guarantee:  


Guarantee No. 1: if at the end of the first day you don't want to stay or you're disappointed for any reason, you may ask for and receive a full refund.


Guarantee No. 2: if you register right now and then discover it will cause a divorce or other extreme anxiety, you have a full 15 days after you register to back out and reverse your decision.  No penalty!  No tricks!  No pressure!  


Guarantee No. 3: if you do your due diligence, meaning that you make 10 offers a month and call me for guidance and you have not made back the cost of this event either by equity in a property or cash from the property within six months, I will give you a full refund.  To be fair, your offers must be documented.

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I'll Be Your Personal Coach!  Our Objective Will Be To Get You Through Your First Deal With At Least $10,000 In Profit!


And if you register before the date stamped in red on your enrollment form I'll become your personal coach for a period of six weeks after the seminar.  What this means is that I'll personally work with you to set up a personal plan and we’ll review that plan weekly for a period of six weeks.  We'll talk on the phone at a pre- scheduled time each week to discuss how you're implementing your plan.  We'll discuss progress toward your plan and tweak your plan if needed.  Our common objective is to get you through your first deal and make at least $10,000 in the process.  This is an $897 value that will be yours absolutely FREE if you enroll by the date stamped in red on your enrollment form.


Just think how much easier it will be for you with me guiding you every step of the way, keeping an eye on your every move, holding you accountable, and looking over every offer that you make; someone like me who does this business every day and not just a telephone coach with little experience that you get with many other seminar trainers.


I'll help you determine market value, do a repair list, help to determine what you offer, help you write the offer and discuss exit strategies when you get your offer excepted and help you get it sold.  I'll walk you through your deals and I'll keep you focused on the system so you'll make maximum profit with little risk.


Folks!  This is a limited time offer.  Obviously I am only one person and I will take you on a first-come first-served basis.  I will discontinue this offer when I feel that adding more students will jeopardize the quality time I can spend with the students that signed up early.  I will not overload this program because your success is too important to me.


Don’t Wait! We Already Have 18 People Signed Up. I’ll Be Shutting Off

This Coaching Opportunity Soon! I'll Be There With You The Whole Way!

Who Else Will Do That For You?


Over the years I spoke with hundreds of people who had the passion to become financially independent.  Only a few achieved it.  Most had big plans, but never pushed through and failed for various reasons.  One of the main reasons was and still is people want high-level advice for a cheap price (cheap in money and efforts).  They don’t want to pay the price to action.  You need to pay the price to action.

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My Friend, You Get What You Pay For!  The Cost Of The Right Education Is Cheap Compared To Ignorance And Going To The School Of Hard Knocks.

You're Going To Pay For This Event Whether You Come Or Not!


Either you're going to go out and learn real estate investing on your own, make a lot of mistakes that cost you many times more than the price of this Boot Camp, or you can have the advantage of the hard earned experience of a practicing millionaire.


The cost of my Real Estate Boot Camp isn't cheap.  Neither is my time.  But where else can you get a "Supercharged" start to the real estate business.  How much would you have to pay for it if it was a franchise?  Probably  $10,000? $15,000? $20,000.  It would cost many times that for a successful franchise.  And they would never guarantee your success. I do guarantee your sucess.


But relax.  It's nowhere near what the franchise people would charge you.  The fee for this Boot Camp is $5997.  Basically the fee covers the cost to get this information out to everyone, qualifying those who attend, the massive amount of work that goes into an event like this, finding the properties, arranging for the transportation to go into the field to review houses, and a profit for my time.


Just think, without the proper training, if you estimate $5997 too much to repair a house (and you will), you've already paid for the boot camp.  If your offer is $5997 higher than it should be (and it will be) you’d pay for the boot camp again.  And when you sell the house for $5997 less than you should have (and you'll do that to) you have paid again for the boot camp.


Importantly, if you miss out on a single deal because you don't know where to look, how to prescreen or what to offer (and you will miss out on dozens of deals) you just paid for my boot camp several times over.


Even more important than all of the above, how much profit are you loosing every day by not knowing what I can teach you?  (Probably tens of thousands)


You see, my friend, you really don't have a choice.  No education is free.  It's simply a matter of whom you pay.  I'm the most qualified man in this area to teach you how to become a successful real estate investor.  I back that statement with my reputation; my word, and ironclad, no risk guarantee; my full support at the seminar and after, and stacks of testimonial letters.

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You Should Make More On You're First Deal Than

The Entire Cost Of Your Training.


In fact, some boot camp grads have made much more than the cost of their tuition in the first 30 days. All that stands between them and you is the proper training and a person like me to be your mentor.


Here’s What You Get:


  • You get the entire 4 Day Real Estate Boot Camp live event, including lectures
  • Transportation to look at and analyze bargain properties in the area
  • One-on-one participation with me analyzing your deals
  • Complete Real Estate Boot Camp course, 25 CD's of an entire event
  • A video showing how to properly inspect houses using my “secret formula
  • All the necessary contracts and forms making this a business in a box
  • A step-by-step systems manual chock full of materials you'll be using during and after the event to review and keep you focused on the system


Let Me Make You A Shameless Bribe To Sign Up Early.  You’ll Get The Following Bonuses Totaling Over $7500.00 Absolutely Free If You Sign Up Before The Date Stamped In Red On Your Enrollment Form:
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1.      6 wks of Personal Coaching. An $897 Value – Yours Free!


Let me tell you what personal coaching is:


Personal coaching is a weekly program where we will establish a plan tailored to your circumstances.  We’ll choose a time each week to disclosure assignments and progress from the previous week.


Each session will be for approximately 20 minutes.  We’ll go over your plan, review any prospects that you have and tweak the plan were necessary.


The objective is to get you through your first deal and make more than the cost of your boot camp during the 8 week period.


Just think how much easier it will be with me guiding you every step of the way, watching your every move, holding you accountable, and reviewing every offer you make.


I will direct your progress, give you assignments, discuss results and fix whatever’s broken.  I will push and prod you and keep you focused and force you to succeed.


I don’t know anyone that would do that for you!


2. Six months of phone mentoring. A $647 Value. Yours Free!


Phone mentoring is a six-month program where you can call me anytime and pick my brain and ask any questions that you may need answered quickly when you get stuck.


3. Bring your spouse or of age child, a $5997 value. Yours Free!


A $7500.00 Value, Yours Free For Being Decisive!

The Next Step You Take Could Determine The Quality Of

The Rest of Your Life!

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So, go ahead, pick up the phone and call me personally right now, don’t wait, toll free 1-866-246-2663.  This number goes right into my cell phone. Or call my Home 330-759-1323. I'll answer personally and we'll chat to see if this program is right for you.  I want to make sure all of your questions are answered, any fears calmed, any uncertainties erased.  I know that no matter how much I tell you in this letter, nothing I say will do all that.


Take The First Step Now. Talk With Me. Don't Let Indecision Decide Your Future.  There's No Obligation, Only Opportunity.


1-866-246-2663, See the Enrollment form for details.


I can't think of a more important place for you to be than at my Real Estate Boot Camp in Youngstown on August 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2008.  You'll be glad you decided to come.  It will change your life.


I look forward to your positive decision to join me at my Real Estate Boot Camp.  Pick up the phone now and call 1-866-246-2663 or 330-759-1323 between 9 AM to 9 PM, EST. There's no obligation and you won't be pressured to do anything. It will only take a few minutes to see if you qualify and for you to decide if this is right for you. So call now!



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 Bob Campana


P.S. Just to review this incredible offer, you get four days of live hands-on training, transportation to the field to look at prospects, one-on-one participation with me, the complete Real Estate Boot Camp Event, 25 CD’s of a live event to play over and over to review key strategies, all the necessary contracts and forms, a step-by-step systems manual, and 6 weeks of Personal Coaching with me, six months of phone mentoring with me and bring your spouse or of age child absolutely free.


P.P.S. Please note the date highlighted in red on the signup form to take advantage of the over $7500.00 worth of free bonuses.  This is a one-time offer and will never be offered again, so please take advantage of it.