From the Desk of Bob Campana:

Breaking News; Major Lenders Lined
Up To Seize More Houses!



You can join people from all different walks of life in learning how to quit being a slave to your job and employer by learning how to make big money investing in real estate. Now is the best time to invest. All the foreclosures are making this the single best year to get money making bargains in all parts of the country. Major lenders are seizing more than 2 million more homes right now on top of the already millions in current foreclosures already on the market.  More millionaires will be made during this market down turn than any other year in the history of real estate investing. The question is "will you be one of them?"


Let Me Introduce You To The Most Powerful Strategies And

Techniques Ever For Turning Single-Family Homes Into Quick Cash Now


Dear Friend:


Take a few minutes to read this letter.  Almost everyone can gain financial independence by investing in real estate: Male or female, young or old.  All you need is the willingness to spend a little time with me to learn the "insider secrets."  Ordinary men and women all across the country are reaping extraordinary profits investing in real estate.  I'll take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how you can buy and sell property at big profits.  You'll make big money when you sell and you'll also build a passive income so you can eventually leave that job that's costing you your financial freedom.  Your job not only costs you financial freedom but freedom to spend precious time with your family and friends.


Picture yourself taking as many vacations as you want, driving the kind of car you've always dreamed of, living in the home of your dreams and sending your children to the best and safest schools.


You'll Learn My Fine-Tuned System at My 4 Day Boot Camp

That Guarantees Your Success Because I'll Walk You Through It

Step by Step Until You're Making Money


This upcoming 4 day supercharged Mega Boot Camp is about how you can eliminate being a slave to your job and take control of your life.  Quit working endless hours while not getting the recognition and pay that you deserve. It's About Getting More Time, More Money, With Less Stress And With Less Work! This is a business that can be done on a part-time or full-time basis.  You'll work less and earn more. Why work for someone else for peanuts when you can structure real estate deals to make money and in big chunks, $20,000, $30,000 or $40,000 per deal or more, on a consistent basis.


The following five methods are the foundation for my system.  1. WHOLESALING is the business of locating low-cost houses and flipping them to other investors for a $3000, $5000 or $10,000 average profit.  I bought a property recently for $1,000.00 and sold it on Ebay in 10 days for $10,000.00. You don't do repairs; just sell the property as is. All you do is show up at the closing to pick up a big fat check. 2. RETAILING is when we take the best properties out of this same group of low-cost houses and sell them to owner occupants.  This is where the Big Profits are made!  This is where I show you how to construct deals that generate up to $40,000 profit from just one deal.  My last deal netted me $60,000.00. I do this all the time and so can you! There are literally hundreds if not thousands of these houses all around you.  Today's foreclosures will make you a multi-millionaire. 3. LEASE OPTIONS is where you find houses in good condition, have the seller lease them to you with the option to purchase and you lease option it to your buyer with the right to purchase from you. In today's market there are loads of these type properties available. Most investors pass them by because they don't know how to put the deal together. This business is for people that don't have any money to invest. 4. OWNER FINANCING OR NO QUALIFYING FINANCING is when you take beautiful homes in beautiful neighborhoods and put together creative deals. You usually make multiple offers on properties in this category.  5. RENT AND HOLD is where you buy good, appreciable property and let your tenant payoff your mortgage giving you a free and clear property.  But I take this process a step further.  I don't like waiting 15, 20 or 30 years to get the money from these long-term properties.  I'll show you how to get money now and build wealth for the future. Being a landlord is more fun when you’re making money.





You don't need "a head for numbers" to be your own boss.  If you can add and subtract, multiply or divide (or have a calculator); you can make big profits buying and selling houses.  I'll show you a "SECRET FORMULA" known by very few people that takes the mystery out of what price to pay for property.  You'll know what your profit will be going into the deal.  This one, of many, "INSIDER SECRETS" alone will pay many times over for the cost of this event.


That's what I mean by working smarter, you learn the "insider secrets" so you do the right work, the right way and profit big time from your knowledge. So decide right now to stop dreaming about owning your own business, being your own boss and providing your family with the lifestyle they deserve.  Learn how to explode your real estate investing to turn your dream into a reality.


Hello, my name is Bob Campana and I'm a multi-millionaire.  I didn't inherit my money, win the lottery or make my fortune in the stock market, I learned what I needed to know about buying and selling real estate for quick and big profits from other multi-millionaires that not only taught on that subject but also actually practiced what they preached. I married that information to my own experiences over the past 25 years and put together a system that will change your tired old ways of investing into dynamic new workable strategies guaranteed to make you more money than anything you've done in your entire life. 


I used to be an executive working for a Fortune 500 company earning a good living.  But something big time was missing.  You see, the keywords are "working for."  That's all I did was work. Is that what you’re doing? Working all the time, usually six days a week, 10 to 12 hours a day, missing precious time with your family, friends and doing the things you want to do? Then change that, learn what you need to become financially independent using real estate as the means to get there!


When I decided to put my destiny in my own hands, I went out and educated myself on buying and selling real estate.  I attended seminars, listened to tapes and read books on everything I could find concerning real estate.  I read and listened to every so-called real estate Guru about how easy it is to become a millionaire.  You probably did many of these things too. I found that few of them gave me the skills, the nuts and bolts, to put cash in my pocket now and also build wealth for the future using a low-risk system.


Most programs taught the traditional "buy and hold" strategies, meaning that you buy property and rent it to tenants and 25 years later you'll own a free and clear property.  This system, “landlording” is full of headaches and is no fun. I'm betting you're the kind of person like me that wants cash today.  So the strategies by these flash in the pan real estate guys were not for me. So armed with the strategies I learned from the so-called "Guru's" I went out and put together a different plan, a step-by-step system for getting quick, easy cash on my real estate deals when I sell and also build wealth for the future and all in the same transaction.  It doesn't get any better than this! It’s easy, it’s fun and you don’t need to deal with tenants!


So on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th, 2012, I'll teach this system at my 4 Day Mega Real Estate Boot Camp.  Four action - packed days of teaching you my system step-by-step.  After these four days you’ll be so excited you won’t be able to sleep at night because you can't wait to get started.  You'll know more than 90 percent of real estate investors out there that fumble through each deal making peanuts compared to what you'll be able to do.


What Makes Me Qualified To Teach Real Estate Investing To You? Well, I bought over $15 million worth of real estate in the last few years.  I've quick turned over 300 houses right in the rust belt of Ohio, from Youngstown to Toledo, in Michigan's Detroit area and Western Pennsylvania and made loads of money doing it. I've taught thousands of students across this great country my investment strategies.  They’re doing very well using the techniques and high-powered strategies they learned at a Boot Camp just like this one.


Listen, I Do What I Teach Everyday; But The Proof Of The Pudding Is What My Students Have To Say:


"I went to Bob's Boot Camp in August after spending $24,000 on other boot camps and mentors and not getting anywhere after months of running around.  Then I met Bob who gave me an offer I couldn't turn down.  Bob gave me the information, tools, and confidence to go out and do a deal.  Within 6 weeks of Bob's boot camp, I had a house under contract for $33,000.  I estimated $37,000 in repairs and ended up spending $42,436.  I decided to use a Realtor and listed the property at $125,000.  The house sold for $124,000 with me paying $3,500 toward the buyer's closing cost.  I closed on the house on November 6 for my purchase and closed again on March 27 for my sale so I owned the house for less than 5 months.   I'm still working on the accounting but my profit is ~$27,473!  The house spent 14 days on market from list day to accepted offer." 


"Bob was great throughout the process!  He was there to answer my questions and give me support.  I could not have done it without his coaching and mentoring.  The class was great, but the follow-up even more important "Wealth is built by information and action.  Bob can give you the information, but you still have to take action.  If you do as Bob teaches you to do, you too can be another success story!"                                                                                       Elizabeth C., Cleveland, OH


 "I recently paid the final bill on my last project and calculated my total profit.  It was less than I was hoping for, but because I was busy with my next deal I let my realtor sell it.  After all expenses, including unexpected repairs, holding costs, and closing costs, I netted $15,909.57."


"These past three days, my phone has been ringing off the hook with people who want to buy that next house.  I expect my profit to be about $15,000 on this one as well. "Thanks for all your help and for sharing your buying and selling techniques.  If I'm turning profits like this now and still making mistakes, I can't wait until I master your techniques!"                                      Mark M., Amherst, OH


“I had to write to tell you of my first rehab project. As you recall I was in your spring class. After attending and learning your system of real estate Investing and rehabbing, I had the confidence and the knowledge I felt I needed to begin my first project. As fate would have it two weeks after your Boot Camp I received a call from a “Don’t Wanter.” I went out with contract in hand using the comps and formula learned at your Boot Camp. To sum up my first experience, I was able to purchase the home for $31,000. I put approximately $21,000 into rehabbing and sold the house for $98,500 using the Ameridream Program and paying the seller closing costs. After deducting holding costs I received a check showing a gross profit to me of $37,720.92.”


“I partnered with a classmate who sat next to me at your seminar to do a wholesale deal on a home in Northfield Ohio, where we split $10,000. Not bad for a few hours work. We should be closing on another wholesale deal in the next few weeks. I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!” I want to thank you for your help, support and continued coaching to help make my first experience a huge success.”

Mike R.- Your #1 Fan, Akron, Ohio


It Won't be Long Before You're Sending Me Your First of Many Testimonials. My Mission Is To Help As Many People As I Possibly Can Become Financially Independent.  I've Found Over The Years That When You Help Others Get What They Want You Get What You Want.


At my Boot camp we'll lay out a step-by-step plan for you to duplicate what I and many of my associates do all across the country.  You'll come away with strategies to increase your current income and build wealth for the future. This is a business that will make you proud.  You'll not only make profits but you'll help others achieve homeownership.  Every day is a pleasure going to work.  Can you say that now? Best of all you're in charge.  You can also learn how to buy your own home while looking for deals and how qualifying at a bank and putting up a big down payment has nothing to do with it. My system will show you how to be a problem solver.  You'll offer solutions to help sellers get out of their problem homes and buyers get into their dream homes.  There's nothing illegal, immoral or unethical about it.  You'll feel especially good about helping people solve their problems when selling and achieve their dream of homeownership when buying. Even if you're already involved in real estate, my boot camp is a terrific opportunity to learn exciting new ways to skyrocket your income.


You Can Make More Money In A Month Then Most So-Called Skilled

Investors Make In A Year.


The focus of this event is to give you the education and strategies you need to achieve your financial goal in the quickest time possible.  You'll learn what to do first - and last - and everything in between. If you don't like your job you'll probably quit like so many of my Boot Camp grads have to invest in real estate full-time. You'll make more money with less time and stress.  You'll spend more time with your family than any other time in your life and you'll enjoy life more.   You need to stop procrastinating and sign up now to take the steps that can change your lifestyle forever.


I'll Personally Take You By The Hand And Lead You To The

Diamonds In The Rough!


The biggest reason people don't get started is fear, fear of making mistakes and fear of losing money.  I understand this fear, I was afraid when I was working my first deal.  But after I got the proper training and got through my first one, I've never looked back. My system will show you how to eliminate that fear and go forward with complete confidence.  You see, knowledge is the key! My Boot Camp will provide you with the knowledge you need to make enormous amounts of money buying and selling single-family homes.


You'll Learn in 4 Days At My Mega Boot Camp What It Took Me Over 2 Decades To Learn And Develop. Here's what we’ll do:

Day One:

  • We'll cover how to find more bargains than you can handle Within the first 20 minutes
  • How to determine the market value of properties
  • How to construct offers with my “Secret Formula "that will guarantee that you'll never overpay again (and the formula can be used anywhere in the country)
  • How to construct offers quickly and easily, usually within 10 minutes after arriving at the property
  • How to make $5000 in the first 60 days with no risk and using none of your own money.
  • You'll learn how to find more deals in one day than you need for the year.  Finding deals is easy when you know where to look.
  • How to set up systems to buy and sell houses, cutting out the wasted trial and error methods, and get to the money fast.  I'll cut 10 years off your learning curve!
  • How to work yourself out of your job and into your own business without missing a step in income.
  • Learn the magic words and phrases that have made me big profits when dealing with buyers and sellers.
  • How to estimate repair costs and determine what repairs to make avoiding spending money needlessly.
  • How to work effortlessly with contractors

Day Two:

  • How to make large profits on beautiful homes and even pay full price! You’ll learn where the big money in real estate is today!
  • How to find and negotiate with the sellers of beautiful homes to get them to deed the house to you with little or none of your own money!
  • How to create killer deals with none of your own money and still make the seller happy to deal with you!
  • How to purchase your own house for more than double what you normally could have when dealing with banks.  You can do this even with bad credit, no credit or good credit!
  • How to build huge monthly cash flows that exceed your current income without the headaches of tenants!
  • Learn how to avoid the do-on-sale clause that prevents many investors from buying property!
  • Learn how to profit from beautiful houses in the best areas without ever owning them!  Huge profits, no risks! Control, not ownership is the key!
  • How to have sellers standing in line to give you their house Free!  Learn how to be paid by the seller to take their house.
  • Learn how to structure deals so you can make money on houses that have more owed on them than they’re worth.  Few people know how to do this.  You'll be one of the chosen few that know.  Your competition on these types of homes is virtually none.
  • We’ll analyze and guide you on how to use the strategies to buy and sell until they become second nature to you.  You'll have the knowledge to go out and start making winning offers immediately.
  • How to purchase and control big beautiful homes without the risk of worrying about high mortgage payments.
  • How to avoid problems and pitfalls that can lead to financial disaster.
  • How to build a monthly cash flow by collecting payments on the deals that you make.
  • Learn the fastest way to quit that job that's costing you your financial freedom in six months or less.
  • Learn the right words to use when negotiating with sellers that can get you zero interest loans.
  • How to become the "Expert" quickly when dealing with sellers even though you have little or no experience.
  • How to structure $50,000 deals on a house, without taking title to it, without making payments and without any risk to you.
  • How to build a six-figure income quickly by working from your home.

Day Three:

  • We'll actually get on a big comfortable bus and go into the field to visit bargain houses where I'll show you how to make LOW BALL offers with no risk.
  • I'll show you how to determine the cost of repairs and what repairs to make that will get buyers fighting over each other to buy your house because it looks so good.,
  • How to determine what you'll offer on these properties and what to do with the property once the offer is accepted.
  • I'll actually make offers on these houses because when I go look at a property I want to buy it.  I’ve pre-qualified it.  This is real stuff.  You'll get hands-on experience. This is one of the most popular segments of the seminar.  Halfway through the day you'll be able to estimate repairs and make your offer in less than 10 minutes after you arrive at a house.  And you'll know what your profit will be right then and there. You can bring with you your potential property that you'd like to have analyzed and we'll take the group through your house and let you know what it would take to make that house a great deal.





  • Day Four:



You'll Learn Every Secret And

Auto Pilot Technique I've Learned And Used Over 20 Years To Make Sure You Never Have To Worry About Selling Houses Fast In A Slow Selling Market


  • We'll discuss the properties we looked at on the bus tour, you'll learn the exit strategies, that is, how to dispose of your property quickly and get the highest profit.
  • Learn where to get all the money you need to finance all your deals, usually within 48 hours.  Even if you're bankrupt, out of work, dead broke and have horrible credit. Learn the miracle of PRIVATE LENDERS! 
  • We'll have actual lenders on hand for properties you want to buy and lenders that will give your buyers loans to buy your houses.
  • How to have all your houses sold before you even find them. I'll teach you how to make houses easy to buy so they become easy to sell.  You'll dominate the market and sell houses for 10 percent more than they appraise for and have buyers stand in line to buy them.
  • How to build a passive income coming in every month even if you quit working.  I'm not talking about rental properties or being a landlord.
  • How to write a contract to buy and sell in any city in the USA.
  • How you can buy your own home with no money down and never apply for loan, your credit just doesn't matter.
  • How to take title to your property and bullet proof your assets by using corporations and land trusts.
  • How to set financial goals and how to build a cash-flow machine to get there.
  • How to become self-sufficient, live the way you want to live and not answer to anyone else as long as you live.
  • How to set up and use your Roth or Traditional IRA for buying real estate and getting supercharged returns that defer or even eliminate taxes.
  • How to grow your IRA to $1 million without investing another dime.  I bet you didn't know you could buy Real Estate legally in your IRA! It’s not the contributions that make the fortune it’s the earnings your IRA makes that does.
  • Learn how to use 1031 Exchanges, a government approved program that can defer or eliminate taxes.


Did you catch that? “Supercharged returns” that defer or even eliminate taxes.  This special session alone is worth many times the cost of the Boot Camp. Did you know that your IRA could buy houses just like you?  Once you learn to do it without money you simply make your IRA or 401K be the buyer instead of you.  All the profits from your real estate transaction go into your IRA… tax Free or tax deferred.  Your CPA and attorney can't teach you this because they don't know about it.  Why?  Because they don't understand real estate investing my way.  Trust me when you hear about how this process works it'll be a long night after the boot Camp. Remember the sleepless nights I spoke about earlier? This is another outstanding strategy that will keep you up when you hear how easy it can be to put your children and grandchildren through college with the enormous tax free profits you'll earn. And it's all legal. I won't teach you anything illegal.


Real Estate Combined With Your IRA Is The Key That Opens The Vault.


You see it has nothing to do with your annual contribution or how much money is in your IRA.  That's not the issue.  You can open a self-directed IRA with $150 and grow it into one million if you never make another contribution.  I know that's new to you and you may have a lot of questions.  That's why I teach it at a live seminar.  When you leave, you'll know more than your CPA about growing wealthy in your IRA.  I promise you it's all true.  You'll see.


My System Works And I'll Stand Behind It With A Complete

Money Back Guarantee!


I'm so confident than my program works, not only for me, but it will work for you as well, I'm offering guarantees that are so foolproof that my family and friends think I've lost my mind.  But when you’ve been doing something as long as I have, and doing it successfully, there's really no risk to me. I've never had any of my students ask for their money back, that's only because the system works and my students are making money! So here are my guarantees:  


Guarantee No. 1: If at the end of the first day you are not convinced beyond a smidgen of doubt that you made the wise decision in attending, and are not absolutely certain you are receiving the "golden keys" to unlocking as much profit as you could possibly muster by doing real estate deals more profitably and faster than you ever imagined, legally, safely, intelligently... all you need to do is see me or a member of my staff and request...




Guarantee No. 2: If you do your due diligence, meaning that you make 10 offers a month (hey you can do 10 offers in 20 minutes when you learn my no risk way) and call me for guidance and you have not made back the cost of this event either by equity in a property or cash from the property within six months, I will give you a full refund.  To be fair, your offers must be documented. That just means show me a copy of your purchase agreement.


Folks, not one student ever asked for their money back in 10 years of training hundreds of people. Not ONE. That should tell you a whole lot. I'd be flooded with refund requests if my system didn't work and my students weren't making money.


Enroll By The Deadline Below And I'll Be Your Personal Coach!  Our Objective Will Be To Get You Through Your First Deal With A Minimum of $28,000 In Profit!


If you enroll before the "April 21, 2012 Deadline" I'll become your personal coach for a period of 8 weeks after the 4 Day Mega Boot Camp.  What this means is that I'll personally work with you to set up a personal plan tailored just for you and we’ll review that plan weekly for a period of 8 weeks.  We'll talk on the phone at a pre- scheduled time each week to discuss how you're implementing your plan.  We'll discuss progress toward your plan and tweak your plan if needed.  Our common objective is to get you through your first deal and make at least $10,000 in the process.  This is a $2.997.00 value that will be yours absolutely FREE if you enroll by the "April 21, 2012 Deadline."


Just think how much easier it will be for you with me guiding you every step of the way, keeping an eye on your every move, holding you accountable, and looking over every offer that you make; someone like me who does this business every day and not just a telephone coach with little experience that you get with many other Boot Camp trainers.


I'll help you determine market value, do a repair list, easily work with contractors, help to determine what you offer, help you write the offer and discuss exit strategies when you get your offer accepted and help you get it sold.  I'll walk you through your deals and I'll keep you focused on the system so you'll make maximum profit with little risk.


Folks!  This is a limited time offer.  Obviously I am only one person and I will take you on a first-come first-served basis for the coaching program.  I will discontinue this offer after 10 students. I have 3 signed up already so that leaves only 7 spaces left. I will not jeopardize the quality time I can spend with you by overloading the class, because your overwhelming success is just too important to me. This letter is going out to my pre-qualified list of over 2000 investors, so...


Don’t Wait! I’ll Be Shutting Off This Coaching Opportunity After I Reach 10. I'll Be There With You The Whole Way! Who Else Will Do That For You?


Over the years I spoke with hundreds of people who had the passion to become financially independent.  Only a few achieved it.  Most had big plans, but never pushed through and failed for various reasons.  One of the main reasons was and still is people want high-level advice for a cheap price (cheap in money and efforts).  They don’t want to pay the price to action. 


My Friend, You Get What You Pay For!  The Cost Of The Right

Education Is Cheap Compared To Ignorance. You'll Pay For This Event Whether You Come Or Not. You Really Don't Have a Choice.


Either you're going to go out and try to learn real estate investing on your own and make a lot of mistakes that cost you many times more than the price of this Boot Camp or you can have the advantage of the hard earned experience of a practicing millionaire.


The cost of my Real Estate Boot Camp isn't cheap.  Neither is my time.  But where else can you get a "Supercharged" start? How much would you have to pay for it if it was a franchise?  Probably $30,000? $35,000? $40,000?  It would cost many times that for a successful franchise.  And they would never guarantee your success. I guarantee your success.


But relax.  It's nowhere near what the franchise people would charge you.  The fee for this Boot Camp is $12,997.  Basically the fee covers the cost to get this information out to everyone, qualifying those who attend, the massive amount of work that goes into an event like this, finding the properties, arranging for the transportation to go into the field to review houses, and a profit for my time.


Just think, without the proper training, if you estimate $12,997 too much to repair a house (and you will), you've already paid for the boot camp.  If your offer is $12,997 higher than it should be (and it will be) you’d pay for the boot camp again.  And when you sell the house for $12,997 less than you should have (and you'll do that to) you have paid again for the boot camp a 3rd time. Importantly, if you miss out on a single deal because you don't know where to look, how to prescreen or what to offer (and you will miss out on dozens of deals) you just paid for my boot camp several times over. Even more important than all of the above, how much profit are you loosing every day by not knowing what I can teach you?  (Probably tens of thousands of dollars)


You see, my friend, you really don't have a choice.  No education is free.  It's simply a matter of whom you pay.  I'm the most qualified man in this area to teach you how to make boatloads of money investing in real estate.  I back that statement with my reputation; my word, and ironclad, no risk guarantee; my full support at the seminar and after, and stacks of testimonial letters.


You Should Make at Least Twice Your Tuition On You're First Deal.


In fact, some boot camp grads have made much more than the cost of their tuition in the first 30 days. All that stands between them and you is the proper training and a person like me to be your coach and mentor.


Here’s What You're Entitled To When You Sign Up:


1.   You’re $12,997.00 tuition covers:

  • The entire 4 Day Real Estate Mega Boot Camp live event. (includes a FREE networking dinner)
  •  Including lectures
  • Transportation to look at and analyze bargain properties in the area
  • One-on-one participation with me analyzing your deals
  • Complete Real Estate Boot Camp video showing how to properly inspect houses using my “secret formula
  • All the necessary contracts and forms making this a business in a box
  • A step-by-step systems manual chock full of materials you'll be using during and after the event to review and keep you focused on the system


2.  Bring your spouse, partner or adult child. A $12,997.00 value.


3.  Your own Website to attract sellers of houses you want to buy A $2,997.00 Value.


4.  Your own Website to attract sellers of houses you want to buy getyourhousesoldfast. A $2,997.00 Value.


5.  Lifetime phone of mentoring with me. A $4,997.00 Value.


Phone mentoring is a lifetime program where you can call me anytime and pick my brain, work your deals and ask any questions that you may need answered quickly when you get stuck. Call as many times as you need.


6. "Pretty House" Audio course with 12 CD's and manual.  A $997.00 Value.

7. "Junker " Audio Course with 6 CD's and manuals.  A $697.00 Value.

8.  Life time FREE attendance to my entire Millionaire's Webinar Training Sessions, A $2,997.00 Value.


These webinars will keep you posted on my current deals (yes I still invest myself),  the latest real estate information that will add to your bottom line and many more areas of interest to keep you up to date on investing. And, you can ask questions and go over any deals you’re working on.


A Total Value of $41,676.00 Included in Your Tuition of $12,997.00!


And $8,079.00 in FREE BONUSES for signing up by "April 21, 2012 Deadline". This is a one-time offer!


1.      A $3,000.00 discount bringing your tuition to just $9,997.00. See your enrollment form.


  1. 8 wks of Personal Coaching. A  $2,997.00 Value.


      Let me tell you what personal coaching is:


         Personal coaching is a weekly program where we’ll establish a plan tailored to your circumstances.  Everyone’s plan is different. Your plan will be based on your needs and how you want to profit from the real estate business. We’ll choose a time each week to discuss your assignments and progress from the previous week.

         Each session will be for approximately 15-20 minutes.  We’ll go over your plan, review any prospects that you have and tweak the plan where necessary.


  1. 2 Day selling home study course with CD’s and manual. A $497.00 Value.


·        10 reasons why houses don't sell and why most are people problems easily fixed.

·        How to get a house ready to sell for less than one monthly payment so buyers fall in love with it at first sight.

·        How to set the house up to show itself with no human intervention so you'll never have to risk your life and waste your time meeting prospects there at 8PM.

·        How to manage your business so you're flexible enough to let the market tell you how it wants to buy so you can implement any one of five exit strategies and match the house to the buyer and quit looking for perfect prospects.

·        How to get your buyers into credit repair to move up there score allowing them to get conventional or FHA loans with 100% financing that skyrocket your profits.

·        Why cashing out immediately is the most costly exit you could pick and cuts your profits in half...and how to fix it and still have a huge cash flow.

·        I'll hand you guerrilla marketing techniques you can use on a paupers budget to drive in a herd of buyers within 2 days. Your entire cost to sell a house should be less than one month's payment.

·        How to capture all incoming calls and never talk to anyone until they've seen the house, fall in love with it, have been instructed how to buy and what to do next, filled out an application and submitted to you by fax or online.

·        I'm going to work like a dog to beat into you the worse thing you can do is let houses suck up your life with endless and mindless calls and time wasting activities that keep you from making the big money!

·        If 2008 is to be your quantum leap year you must let me get you automated and systemized so we can remove your biggest hurdle to selling houses...YOU!

·        It starts with capturing calls but it sure doesn't end there.

·        • How to let worthless suspects weed themselves out with no human contact so the prospects can make their way to you. Only a small percentage of callers can and will buy your house. You'd better handle them quickly and effectively or they're gone and you're still wading through the endless sea of minutia gasping for air.

·        How to instantly tell whether you've got a buyer and what kind before you talk to anyone.

·        By the way, when you're buying houses your phone better be answered by a live human being. Not true when you're selling. It's actually a waste of money to even have an answering service do it. No need!! I'll give you the script and show you how easy it is to automate it.

·        The five fastest, cheapest and best methods to find buyers in order of value - You'll never use all five.

·        Why you should quit spending a fortune on nonproductive ads and expecting miracles when there's a hundred more like yours in the paper. That's NUTSO. Stop it now!

·        How to increase your monthly cash flow by 25% on each house you sell on a lease purchase and make your buyer love you for it. This will overcome negative cash flow and turn it to positive, and open the door to many deals you're foolishly turning down!

·        Five ways to overcome high payments that can't be supported by rent.

·        How you can sell with owner financing in a few days and sell off your note at closing and get cashed out. This little known technique opens massive exit opportunity, makes the house easy to sell, eliminates seasoning issues, shortens your closing time and grief, and allows you to sell to anyone you like regardless of their credit.

·        You could say it's worth the time and money to come learn. I'll put you directly in touch with the company to write you the checks for your note.

·        Learn how to get a financial commitment from a prescreened buyer without taking your house off the market. You should never sign a contract with a buyer that binds you until you know it's ready to close. A special agreement I use will allow you to process five buyers on one house with no commitment to any of them. You get to pick and choose the best. If I'd had this agreement 20 years ago it would have saved me a lot of grief.

·        The 6 steps to getting your buyer to the closing table whether you're selling for cash with new financing, lease purchase or owner financing. One piece out of place could cost you a week and maybe the sale. A buyer is not a buyer until you get the money. Every day that goes by costs you several hundred dollars and puts you at risk. I'll help you... Get it done!

·        How to pick the best lease option and seller financing buyers, avoid defaults and professionally handle them if they do occur with no anxiety on you. My system lets you sleep at night.

·        Stupid mistakes to avoid when selling houses. Each one probably cost me six figures to learn. You're lucky.

·        How and when to hire a salesperson to sell only your houses and create focus from him/her without you paying a dime until closing.


  1. Home Buyers Seminar Course:, A  $397.00 value. Here's what you get:


·         Learn how to get 100 to 150 hungry buyers in front of you or your sales person that are there to learn how to buy a house from you.

         The entire seminar is on DVD so you can see these hungry buyers rushing to our reps to get there credit run and put dibs in for the house they want.

         The entire seminar on 4 super CD’s so you can listen to the seminar while you're driving or at home relaxing.

         The entire seminar on Microsoft powerpoint completely done for you making it easy for you or your sales people to give a powerful professional presentation that generates action. All you do is change my name to yours. Don't change the presentation, it works just fine.

         A comprehensive 100-page, easy-to-read manual. You’ll learn how to get different income streams that offset all your costs and put money in your pocket. And don't forget you may even sell your house.  


  1. Round Robin Auction Course: A $397.00 value. Here's what you get:


         Every once in awhile something comes along that's so good you just can't keep it a secret. I'm talking about this round robin selling method. (you’ll learn how to sell your home in 7 days using a Round Robin Auction)


         I'll take you step by step through the process of holding a round robin auction and I guarantee you'll want to duplicate it. I'll have every thing in a booklet for you so you don't have to think. Just follow the steps I lay out.


Here are a few things you’ll learn:

         What ads and signs to use to drive 50-100 people to each weekend open house where bidders decide what they'll pay.

         How to process all the calls hands off and handle the traffic flow and get them to pay retail price, all within 7 days. This ain't like any Round Robin auction you've ever seen. So don't assume you know about it. I was shocked at the neat tricks that this system provides.


You'll see...

         How to handle the Sunday evening call backs to get even a higher price and get it done in an hour.

         How to create a feeding frenzy and actually get buyers to pay more than retail on some of your homes.

         Why this works on lower priced houses as well as high priced ones.


You can build the round robin and home buyer seminar systems to make you $3,000.00 to $10,000.00 per month from selling leads from all the people who attend your auctions or visit your homes even if they don't buy.


  1. Credit Repair:  A $197.00 Value. Here's what you get:


         You’ll get a step by step system to repair your own credit score or those wanting to buy houses from you.

         You’ll get letters that you use to get liens, collections, late payments, charge offs, and much more off your credit report that will increase the score making it easy to get loans approved for your buyers.


  1. Deal Analysis Software: A 297.00 Value. Here's what you get:


    • No more guessing about how much you should pay for a property, what terms you need to make it a terrific deal or what you should be selling the property for. You’ll have templates that crunch all the numbers for you in seconds.
    • You just fill in the blanks and the software does the rest. You’ll have templates for cash deals, “subject to” deals, owner financing deals, lease option deals and option deals. Don’t like the profit on a deal, just change the numbers to get the profit you want.


  1. Automate your contracts and forms with this auto fill software, making it fast and easy to fill out forms! A $297.00 Value.


         Automate your contracts and forms with this auto fill software, making it fast and easy to fill out forms!     

         Just fill in the blanks on your computer. The automated software does the rest to turn filling out difficult and time consuming contracts and forms into a quick and easy process. This allows you more time for your family, your leisure activities or for buying more real estate. It doesn't get any easier than this.

         It also makes printing and filing real easy. Just simply save and print. You can print the number of copies you need with 2 clicks of your mouse.

         You can modify any files to cover your specific issues. Make your own forms, modify the master forms, print blank forms, and edit completed forms… You can do it all with this Software


Forms available:


         Addendum for seller to remain in property after closing.                        

         Affidavit and memorandum of agreement concerning real estate.

         Assignment of contract for purchase and sale.

         Authorization to release information.

         Call list for retail buyers.

         Call list for sellers.

         Cash flow analysis for single-family home rentals.

         Congratulatory letter to buyer after a sale.

         Contractor agreement.

         Contractors repair checklist.

         Contractors work list.

         First inspection repair list to buy property.

         How to determine the true market value of a property.

         Land trust agreement:

        Amendment to land trust agreement.·       

        Assignment of beneficial interest in a land trust.

        Certificate of appointment of trustee

        Direction to execute agreement of purchase by trustee.

        Direction to execute agreement of sale by trustee.

        Direction to execute lease agreement by trustee.

        Language for deed into land trust.       

        Warranty deed to the trustee.

         Offer recap to track offers made.

         Payoff Agreement Letter for notes and mortgages.

         Contract for buying with all cash.

              Contract for selling with all-cash.

              Contract for buying "subject to" with due on sale clause.

              Land installment contract to buy.

              Land installment contract to sell.

              Lease agreement with option to purchase real estate.

              Legal size purchase agreement.

              Option to purchase.

         Real estate partnership agreement.

         Rental application.

         Ten thirty one Assignment and Exchange Agreement (1031 exchange)

          1031 exchange replacement property.

          1031 Exchange description of real property.

         Seller letter of agreement and addendum for due on sale clause.


That's $8,079.00 In Additional FREE Bonuses For You

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So, go ahead, pick up the phone and call right now, don’t wait, call toll free 1-866-246-2663.  Or call my Office 330-759-2420, sign up with my staff or ask for me if you need more information to see if this program is right for you.  I want to make sure all of your questions are answered, any fears calmed, any uncertainties erased.  I know that no matter how much I tell you in this letter, nothing I say will do all that, so just call me.


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 Bob Campana


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1.      You get the entire 4 Day Real Estate Mega Boot Camp live event. (includes a FREE networking dinner) A $12,997.00 Value.

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4.  Your own Website to attract sellers of houses you want to buy getyourhousesoldfast. A $2,997.00   Value.

5.  Lifetime phone mentoring with me. A $4,997.00 Value.

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4.      Home Buyers Seminar Course.  A $397.00 value.

5.      Round Robin Auction Course: A $397.00 value.

6.      Credit Repair.  A $197.00 Value.

7.      Deal Analysis Software. A $297.00 Value.

8.      Automate your contracts and forms with this auto fill software, making it fast and easy to fill out forms! A $297.00 Value.



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