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 How To Join Every Day People Making Hugh Incomes Investing In Real Estate All Across This Great Country?


There is no best time to invest. The best time is anytime. Now is the best time! Six months from now will be the best time. A year from now will be the best time. Real Estate never goes out of fashion as a money producer. Real Estate, Over The Past 100 Years, Has Created More Millionaires Than Any Other Business In The History Of The World.


I'd Like To Introduce You To The Most Powerful Strategies And

Techniques Ever For Turning Single-Family Homes Into Quick Cash Now And Building Wealth For The Future.


Dear Friend:


Take a few minutes to read this. Almost everyone can gain financial independence by investing in real estate: Male or female, young or old.  All you need is the willingness to spend a little time to learn the "insider secrets" that I'll teach you.  Ordinary men and women all across the country are reaping extraordinary profits investing in real estate. 


It's My Fine-Tuned System That Guarantees Success Because

I'll Walk You Through It Until You're Making Money, And I'll Even Give You A Refund If You Don't!


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This one-day supercharged event is about how you can eliminate being a slave to that 9 to 5 job and take control of your life.  This event will give you the time you need to spend quality time with your family and not worry about where the money will come from to support them. Why work for someone else for peanuts when you can structure real estate deals to make money and in big chunks, $20000, $30000, or $40,000 or more on a consistent basis.


Hello, my name is Bob Campana and I am a multi-millionaire.  I didn't inherit my money, win the lottery or make my fortune in the stock market, I learned what I needed to know about buying and selling real estate for quick and big profits from other multi-millionaires that not only taught on that subject but also actually practiced what they preached.


I put together a plan, a step-by-step system for getting quick, easy cash on my real estate deals when I sell and also build wealth for the future and all in the same transaction.  It doesn't get any better than this! It’s easy, it’s fun and you don’t need to deal with tenants!


What Makes Me Qualified To Teach Real Estate Investing To You?

Listen, I Do What I Teach Everyday; But The Proof Of The Pudding Is What My Students Have To Say:


“I had to write to tell you of my first rehab project. As you recall I was in your Spring class. After attending and learning your system of real estate Investing and rehabbing, I had the confidence and the knowledge I felt I needed to begin my first project. As fate would have it two weeks after your Boot Camp I received a call from a “Don’t Wanter.” I went out with contract in hand using the comps and formula learned at your Boot Camp. To sum up my first experience, I was able to purchase the home for $31,000. I put approximately $21,000 into rehabbing and sold the house for $98,500 using the Ameridream Program and paying the seller closing costs. After deducting holding costs I received a check showing a gross profit to me of $37,720.92.”


“I partnered with a classmate who sat next to me at your seminar to do a wholesale deal on a home in Northfield Ohio, where we split $10,000. Not bad for a few hours work. We should be closing on another wholesale deal in the next few weeks. I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!” I want to thank you for your help, support and continued coaching to help make my first experience a huge success.”

Mike Rockford- Your #1 Fan, Akron, Ohio


"By using Bob Campana's formula I did my first deal and made $15,378 at closing plus a second mortgage of $2500 payable to me at $25 per month for 15 year term"


“I closed another two deals in a week, 1969 Donald I sold for $57,000, my profit was $23,900 and also sold 27 north Maryland for $64,000 and my profit was $18,000."


“I bought 854 Lanterman for $12,500, put $6000 in repairs for a total of $18,500 and I had $1000 in holding costs.  I sold at $54,000 on an 85 percent LTV for profit of $23,400 plus a second mortgage of $5400 with the payment of $115 per month.”

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Jason Neapolitan, Full-time Real Estate Investor, Boardman Ohio


“In September, I attended Bob's real estate boot camp.  Less than two weeks later I had the confidence to purchase my first investment property for $7000 in spite of the chuckles from some of my friends and family.”


“Using Bob's techniques, I invested $13,000 in repairs and renovations.  I then sold that same property for $49,900! Once I subtracted my holding and selling cost my net profit was over $20,000.”


“Bob was terrific through the entire process providing advice and encouragement.

I now own investment houses No. 2 and No. 3 and plan on repeating the above scenario over and over again. Look who's chuckling now! Thanks, Bob.”

Pete Rouzzo, Retail General Manager, Austintown, Ohio 

 “As a newcomer to the exciting and growing field of real estate investment, I wanted guidance in how to approach it in a systematic, businesslike fashion.  It was important to me to find someone who was trustworthy and had a proven track record of success in the business. I found what I was looking for and much more by participating in Bob Campana’s Real Estate Investment boot camp program.                                                                                                                                                   

“Shortly after completing the course, I was able to locate an investment opportunity, negotiate a deal, and wholesale the property all within ten days and turning a $5000 profit.”

Marika Dienes, Real Estate Entrpeneur, Cleveland, Ohio


“I just wanted to send you the great news about my latest wholesale deal.  I found this deal browsing the M. L. S.  Since my wife is a real estate agent, she pulls listings for me to view on a weekly basis.  Since I live on the north side of Pittsburgh, I know the area very well.  For example, there was a property listed on the M. L. S.  for $15,000, and the selling price after repairs was about $45,000.  I viewed the property and estimated repairs using the repair estimate form that I received while attending your boot camp here in Pittsburgh.  After completing the estimates, I calculated my maximum allowable offer to be $10,000.  After negotiating with the bank for about three months, we finally agreed upon a purchase price of $10,000.  Once I get a property under agreement, I start the title search so that when I find a buyer we can close the deal.”


“I then placed an ad in the paper, called investors from a buyer's list, and posted the property for sale on the acre web site.  I found a buyer who just happened to be browsing the acre web site.  We agree on a sales price of $15,900.  Bob's training on retailing and wholesaling has definitely paid off! Thank you Bob.”

Leonard Adams, Real Estate Investor, Pittsburgh, Pa.     


Now I Can Show You in 1 Day What Took Me Twelve Years to Learn And Develop. Here is what we’ll cover:

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  • How to find more bargains than you need.
  • How to buy big beautiful homes in beautiful neighborhoods with none of your own money.
  • How to determine the market value of properties.
  • How to construct offers with my “Secret Formula "that will guarantee that you'll never overpay again. (and the formula can be used anywhere in the country)
  • How to construct offers quickly and easily so you'll never pay too much again and earn maximum profit.
  • How to make $3000 in the first 60 days with no risk and using none of your own money.
  • You'll learn how to find more deals in one day than you need for the year.  Finding deals is easy when you know where to look.
  • How to easily find owners of vacant, abandoned houses and flip them to other investors too lazy to look for them and make big, quick profits.
  • How to set up systems to buy and sell houses, cutting out the wasted trial and error methods, and get to the money fast.  I'll cut 10 years off your learning curve!
  • How to work yourself out of your job and into your own business without missing a step in income.
  • Learn the magic words and phrases that have made me big profits when dealing with buyers and sellers.
  • How to estimate repair costs
  • How to determine what repairs to make avoiding spending money needlessly.
  • How to work effortlessly with contractors
  • Learn where to get all the money you need to finance all you're deals, usually within 48 hours.  Even if you're bankrupt, out of work, dead broke and have horrible credit. 
  • How to have all your houses sold before you even find them. I'll teach you how to make houses easy to buy so they become easy to sell.  I'll show you how to dominate the market and sell houses for 10 percent more than they appraise for and have buyers stand in line to buy them.
  • How to build a passive income coming in every month even if you quit working.  I'm not talking about rental properties or being a landlord.
  • How you can buy your own home with no money down and never apply for loan, your credit just doesn't matter.
  • How to set up and use your Roth or Traditional IRA for buying real estate and getting supercharged returns that defer or even eliminate taxes.
  • How to grow your IRA to $1 million without investing another dime.  I bet you didn't know you could buy Real Estate legally in your IRA! It’s not the contributions that make the fortune it’s the earnings your IRA makes that does.


The cost for spending this Super-Charged day with me is just $97.00. Hey, skip two meals eating out with your family and it covers the measly cost of this event. And this workshop may very well change your life and lifestyle. You can eat anywhere you want, go anywhere you want and do whatever you want because you'll have all the money you'll ever need.

 My System Works And I'll Stand Behind It With A

Complete Money Back Guarantee! 

If at the end of the day you're disappointed for any reason, you may ask for and receive a full refund.


Enroll Now!


Over the years I spoke with hundreds of people who had the passion to become financially independent.  Only a few achieved it.  Most had big plans, but never pushed through and failed for various reasons.  One of the main reasons was and still is people just don't take action. You need to take action!


Either you're going to go out and learn real estate investing on your own, make a lot of mistakes that cost you wasted dollars, you can have the advantage of the hard earned experience of a practicing millionaire. 

Here’s What You'll Get: 

  • You get the entire One Day Real Estate Workshop.
  • I'll analyze any of your deals that you bring with you.
  • A step-by-step system to get you out there making money.


Let Me Make You A Shameless Bribe To Sign Up Early.  You’ll Get The Following Bonuses Totaling Over $500.00 Absolutely Free If You Sign Up Before The “Date Stamped In Red” On Your Enrollment Form:


1.      One 15 minute phone call with me. You can ask any questions you want, pick my brain and I'll analyze any deal you're working on. A $297.00 value.


2.      Free subscription to my monthly ezine newsletter.  You'll get all the latest and hottest topics in real estate today. These are action oriented articles that make or save you money. A $97.00 Value.


3.      You'll get to eavesdrop on one of my teleconference calls and hear current topics that are important in real estate investing today. Plus hear success stories of people who are earning large incomes from real estate and how they did it. A $97.00 value.


4.      Bring your spouse absolutely FREE. A $97.00 value. 

Over a $500.00 Value, Yours Free For Being Decisive! The Next Step You Take Could Determine The Quality Of The Rest of Your Life! 

So, go ahead, click here to register. Why a whole day's workshop? I want to make sure all of your questions are answered, any fears calmed, any uncertainties erased concerning making money in real estate.  I know that no matter how much I tell you in this letter, nothing I say will do all that. 

Take The First Step Now. Don't Let Indecision Decide Your Future. 

 I can't think of a more important place for you to be than at my Real Estate Workshop coming to your area. You'll be glad you decided to come.  It can change your life.


Enroll now. It will only take a few minutes.




 Bob Campana



P.S. Sign up now to take advantage of the over $500.00 worth of free bonuses.  This is a one-time offer and time is of the essence, so please take advantage of it.



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