Learn How to Make Huge Amounts of Money in Real Estate Buying and Selling Beautiful Homes In Great Neighborhoods, That Need No Repairs, Have No Tenants, and Require None of Your Money!


Think these bold statements are too good to be true?  Think again, they are good and they are true.  People from all different walks of life and from all over this great country are making huge profits in real estate.  There will be more millionaires and multimillionaires created from real estate over the next few years than in any year in history!


You Can Be One of Those Millionaires!


Dear Friend,


            There are a lot of good folks out there right now searching for a vehicle that can get them financially where they want to go.  Some will be searching forever but your search is over!  I'm looking for the minority of people who want to live in the real world, people that are self-motivated and shakers and movers. These people  have the drive, ambition and burning desire to get ahead. Listen, you're probably just like me, meaning that you like to learn everything you can about real estate and apply it to make a lot of money.  This takes a lot of guts and I'm banking that this is what you're looking for. To help you, I've put together a


You See, Most People Talk a Good Game! 

You Seem like an ďAction Taker!Ē


            It's easy to wish and hope. It costs nothing and makes you feel good but unfortunately it doesn't produce much revenue. If you're getting this letter it means you're not a stranger to me. You either responded to one of my ads, have my courses, or attended my Junker Boot Camp. That's all 1 need to know about you to tell you qualify to join the group of elite who can achieve millionaire status in the next year. Some have already become multi-millionaires. To do so will require you to add a home study course called the Pretty House business to your library. This course teaches you all the powerful strategies to get you out there making money on beautiful homes in beautiful neighborhoods. In this letter, I'll tell you all about it and why it's so critical to your success. Then you can decide to pass or play.


Just What Is This Pretty House Business?


     First, let's discuss what it's not about. The Pretty House business is not about Junker homes requiring  tons of repairs; it's about beautiful houses in great neighborhoods .... Buying low, selling high and doing repairs are just part of this great business. There's another all-new world in investing... in fact,


If All You're Doing Are The Junker Houses,

You're Passing Up 50% Of Your Income!


Junker houses can get you quick, fast cash when you flip to other investors, and even a bigger payday when you fix up the property and sell at retail. Although junkers are good they will never boost your income like pretty ones. Why? First, cheaper homes can only support so much profit. Lower prices, lower profits. Higher priced homes equal higher dollars in your pocket!


"Dollars Are Like Throwing Spaghetti at a Wall, The More That Gets Thrown The More That Sticks!"


     I'll show you how to eliminate the fear of dealing with expensive houses and large monthly payments.  All the risk will be removed from you and prevent you from making the Sellers mess you're mess. When you learn this alone, it will open amazing cash flow doors that will make you want to quit your job immediately. I did that and so did many of my students.


There are more deals around in your area than you can possibly do yourself.  There is no shortage of pretty homes available from motivated Sellers.

With Pretty Houses, You Need Little or None of Your Own Money, Donít Do Repairs, Get Several Paydays and I'll Show You How To Get Some Sellers To Pay You To Buy Their House!

    Pretty houses provide you with at least three different paydays.  First, you get paid when you buy the house; second, you get paid monthly; third, you get paid when the house sells.  There are loads more pretty houses out there then ugly ones... loads more.  So opportunities aboundLearning the pretty house business puts you leaps and bounds above the many real estate entrepreneurs who pass up perfectly good homes and extraordinary profits because they only know one or two ways of doing business (by buying low and selling higher). Listen folks, if youíre going to make big money youíre going to need to know how to buy and sell Pretty Houses!

Learning to Become a Transaction Engineer Is the

Key to Becoming Very Wealthy!


When youíre out looking for bargain property thereís virtually no way you can look for junker property without running into some pretty houses or look for pretty houses and not run into any junkers.  Professional real estate investors can make money on any situation. Meaning that, you can make money on low-end houses and you can make money on high-end houses.  Becoming a transaction engineer will ensure large incomes for you.

In My Pretty House Home Study Course, Youíll Learn, as Donald Trump Would Say ďThe Art of the Deal.Ē Youíll Learn How to Create ďWinóWinĒ Deals That Are Profitable for You and Meets the Sellers Needs.

This is a business that I do every day.  Hereís an example of how this business can make you loads of money:


Look at this one of many examples:
I bought a house worth $130,000 from a lady that wanted to move in with her boyfriend and wanted to sell quickly.  I paid $90,000 for the deal and it and broke down like this; I took over her first mortgage payments of $650 per month with the mortgage balance of $65,000, then I asked for and she gave me a second mortgage for the balance of the equity of $25,000 at $160 per month.  Next I sold the house on land contract for $130,000, got a down payment of $10000 with a payment of $900 per month giving me a positive cash flow of $90 per month and equity of $30,000.  Not bad for just one deal! Oh, I almost forgot. The buyer installed a new central air conditioner at their cost.

There are basically five ways you can make money buying with owner financing, using lease options or buying ďsubject to.Ē  Buying "subject to" means that you are not taking the liability of the seller's loan on the property.  What you'll do is agree to make the sellers monthly payments. The loan actually stays in the seller's name.

No. 1.  The seller will normally pay the following costs when they sell their house: Two to four months of mortgage payments, normal seller closing costs, realtor fees, and taxes and insurance.


No. 2.  You'll get a nonrefundable option consideration from your tenant buyer.


No. 3.  You'll get a monthly spread between what the tenant buyer pays you and what you pay out for the mortgage that you take "subject to" from the seller.


No. 4.  When the tenant exercises their option you'll get paid your profit on the back end when the house sells.  (The difference between the price you paid to your seller and what you're buyer pays you). 


No. 5.  You'll also get tax advantages from depreciation, interest payments, property taxes and expenses.


Look how easy it is to make money buying a house ďsubject toĒ:


Let's say we have a house that lists at                   $150,000


Sellers usually accept 5 % less then asking          $142,500


Let's say the real estate commission is 6 percent      -8550


Closing costs are 3 percent                                        -4275


The total amount to the seller would be:               $129675


Now let's say the mortgage the seller owes is        $138000


To sell their house, the seller would have to pay       $8325

and this is the money they will pay you to buy their house.


Don't forget, you're not going to put any money down to purchase this house!


This is how you will profit:


No. 1.  Your equity and back end profit.


  • You'll increase the selling price to    $165,000


  • You'll buy the property at Mtg. Bal. $138,000


  • This gives you an instant equity of     $27,000


No. 2.  You're going to get a lease option consideration from your tenant buyer.  How much, depends on how much they have.


Here are some questions to ask your tenant buyer when negotiating for their lease option consideration.


Question No. 1. "What is the most you can come up with to put into your new home?"


Question No. 2.  "Is that the best you can do?"


You try to get as much financial commitment from your tenant buyer that you can muster.  Lease option consideration can be cash, jewelry, vehicles or anything of value you are willing to accept..


My suggestion is that you get at least 3 percent of the purchase price of the house to make this work.  So 3 percent of our selling price of $165,000 is $4950.  Don't forget your lease option consideration is non refundable.


Why in the world would a tenant buyer pay you $15,000 over market value for the house and $4950 in non-refundable lease option consideration?


Here are the reasons:


First, two-thirds of people looking to buy a home cannot qualify for conventional mortgage.  These people usually have good jobs but blemished credit.  They would be thrilled to get into a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood for the terms that you're offering.


Secondly, they cannot buy a home of this type any other way than by going through you.  You're creating a niche market for yourself.


The payment, PITI, on $138,000 mortgage at today's rate would be something like $950 a month.  The lease payment you'll charge your tenant buyer will be in the neighborhood of $1200 per month giving you a positive cash flow of $250 per month.  That's $3000 per year times 3 yrs = $9000.


I usually give my tenant buyer a one-year lease option and two one year extentions at my option with the understanding that the price of the home will go up 3 to 5 percent a year if its not bought at the end of the first year. This is how you can sell the house for more than today's market value. If your buyer takes the entire three years to exercise their option then the house will be worth more in three years.


No. 4.  Don't forget, I got $8325 from the seller at the front end of this deal.


No. 5.  You get the tax advantages of depreciation, interest payments, property tax payments and any expenses you incur in owning the property.


Let's take a look at how all these five profit centers add up.


One Year Payoff


No. 1.  Profit from the sale to our tenant buyer            $27,000                   


No. 2.  Option consideration from our tenant buyer    $4,950


No. 3.  Monthly cash flow                                               $3,000


No. 4.  Upfront funds paid by seller                                $8,325


No. 5.  Estimated tax depreciation benefits                     $1,230


                                                           Grand Total  $44,505

You noticed I said the seller will give you $8325.00 to buy their house as shown in No. 4 above. Here's my question to you; would you still do this deal if they wouldn't give you the $8325.00? I certainly would because you would still make $36,180.00. ($44,505.00 minus $8,325.00 = $36,180.00) 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You'll have CD's with over 20 hours of powerful, actionable strategies and a 300 page manual to teach you and practice all to ways to buy and sell beautiful homes in beautiful neighborhoods with little risk and using none of your own money.

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Youíll Learn How to Buy and Sell Homes with Owner Financing,

"Subject To," Lease Options, Options and Having

Houses Given to You Like I Have.

Youíll actually be practicing with real sellers and real homes.  You learn to structure deals by meeting the interest and needs of sellers while structuring it to make substantial profits for you.  Thatís what I mean by ďWin Ė WinĒ negotiations.  Youíll be able to make multiple offers, usually around 3 different offers, giving your sellers the best choice for them and each one will make you money. Youíll learn how to speak to the sellers and what to say to structure highly profitable deals. Youíll have confidence that when your offers are accepted, youíll make huge profits.

Here are just some of the things we cover:

        How to make large profits on beautiful homes and even pay full price! Youíll learn where the big money in real estate is today!

        How to find and negotiate with the sellers of beautiful homes to get them to deed the house to you with a little or none of your own money!

        How to create killer deals with none of your own money and still make the seller happy to deal with you!

        How to purchase your own house for more than double what you normally could have when dealing with banks.  You can do this with bad credit, no credit or good credit!

        How to build huge monthly cash flows that exceed your current income without the headaches of tenants!

        Learn how to avoid the do-on-sale clause that prevents many investors from buying property!

        How to buy homes without personally guaranteeing the loans and the risk that goes with them!

        Learn how to profit from beautiful houses in the best areas without ever owning them!  Huge profits, no risks!

        How to have sellers standing in line to give you their house Free! 

        You learn how to be paid by some sellers to take their house.

        Learn how to structure deals so you can make money on houses that have more owed on them than theyíre worth.  Few people know how to do this.  You'll be one of the chosen few that know.  Your competition on these types of homes is virtually none.

        Will analyze and guide you on how to use the strategies until they become second nature to you.  You'll have the knowledge to go out and start making winning offers.

        How to purchase and control big beautiful homes without the risk of worrying about high mortgage payments.

        How to avoid problems and pitfalls that can lead to financial disaster.

        How to build a monthly cash flow by collecting payments on the deals that you make and without the headaches of being a landlord.

        Learn the fastest way to quit that job that's costing you your financial freedom in six months or less.

        Learn the right words to use when negotiating with sellers that can get you zero interest loans.

        Learn how to get rich selling gorgeous homes that realtors don't want to deal with.

        How to become self-sufficient, live the way you want to live and not answer to anyone else as long as you live.

        How to become the "Expert" quickly when dealing with sellers even though you have little or no experience.

        How to structure $50,000 deals on a house, without taking title to it, without making payments and without any risk to you.

        How to build a six-figure income quickly by working from your home.

You'll Learn This And More!  Your Comprehensive Pretty House Home Study Course Will Provide You with Hands-on Training.  You'll Call Sellers, Formulate Offers, and Learn the Right Way to Fill out Contracts.

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 Were going to take on any objection a seller could have and answer them in a "win-win" way.  Your sellers will be happy and eager to deal with you.  When you're finished with this segment, you'll be armed with tools to answer any questions and objections.

You see, Negotiations Are the Key! We'll Cover Negotiations As Part of the Home Study Course!  You'll Learn the Correct Things to Say to Get the Deal You Want.

This is a promise...

The Ceiling Will Be Lifted on How Much You Can Make Buying and Selling Beautiful Homes in Great Neighborhoods.

You'll find that dealing with beautiful homes there are no upper price levels. The bigger you think the more you earn and all this with virtually no risk. It doesn't get much better than this!

This will change your whole outlook on how you view real estate.  You've never experienced a Home Study course like this before!  This is different than any other course you've ever had.  This one course will probably make you more money than any other you've ever had. Why?

You're Going to Learn How to Leave That Job That's Costing You Your Financial Freedom by Learning How to Make Money!

Most home study courses don't teach you how to get rich.  I do.  I'm going to teach you and then Iím going to help you even after the event is over.  You see, this is just the beginning.  You'll have me as your personal coach, to counsel you, and keep you focused on doing the right things at the right time.  I donít know of anyone who will do that for you within the cost of a Home Study course. They don't teach you how to get rich in college. I do. I not only teach you, I help you. You see, once you join with me it's not over. In fact, it's just starting. You're entitled to 90days of my hotline where you can call me to review your deals. I'll tell you how to make money on each of your deals. Iím there every day to discuss deals and keep you on the right track.

Your Success Is Guaranteed by My Triple Guaranteed!


You hear that there are no guarantees in life.  In most things that's true, but when you work with me I'm doing everything I can to educate you, train you and then coach you so your investment in yourself is as close to no risk as it can get.  Here are my guarantee:

I'm so confident than my program works, not only for me, but it will work for you as well, I'm offering a guarantee that is so foolproof that my family and friends think I've lost my mind.  But when youíve been doing something as long as I have, and doing it successfully, there's really no risk to me. I've never had any of my students ask for their money back, that's only because the system works! So here is my guarantee:


Guarantee No. 1: Listen to my CD's for 30 days, if youíre not completely satisfied you can return them, no questions asked. There will be no additional charges to your account.


Guarantee No. 2: If you keep the tapes and donít make at least ten times the cost of these tapes within the first six months in either cash or equity in property, return the tapes and Iíll refund your money, no questions asked.


Guarantee No. 3: If you decide to attend one my live Real Estate Boot Camps in the future you can deduct the cost of this home study course from the cost of the Boot Camp.


With The 3-Way Money-Back Guarantee And Mentoring With Me, the Risk Is On Me And Not You!

See if you can beat this anywhere. I guarantee your success! A bona fide, 100% guarantee of your success!

Here's what you get:

Here's what you'll get:

          You'll have over 24 hrs of CDs of the entire system. You can listen to them over and over again until you are comfortable with all the key points.


ē     A 300 page "Pretty House" manual chock-full of information about all the basics of creating and using owner financing, "subject to," loan assumptions, lease options and options.  All your checklists, scripts, contracts, agreements and every other special form to help you run your business is included.You'll learn how to do this business without money, partners and banks.


          Iíll provide you with all the advertising you need for finding sellers and buyers and much, much, more.


ē     I'll provide you with a CD with all the necessary contracts, forms and worksheets.  Nothing will be left to the imagination; you'll have a business in a box!


And you'll getÖ

When Ordering On The Web You'll Receive $400.00     

In Bonuses Absolutely FREE!



Bonus #1: I also have a hot line.  That hot line is cool.  For 90 days, I'll give you the right to call that hot line five days a week anytime you want, as often as you want.  On that hot line, on the other end of it is me or Jason.  We both currently buy and sell houses. Can you imagine calling the hotline with people answering that actually know what theyíre talking about?


The only way Iím going to let you talk to anyone is if they buy and sell houses.  Our job is to help you on a deal, itís not to coach you, itís not to train you but to help you get into and out of a deal.  If you donít have prospects ready when you call, then donít call. How many of you intend to buy a house to live in?  You need the hotline. How many of you intend to buy a house to profit from?  Itís nice to have someone to call when you need help.  You can buy that hotline $197 but Iím going to let you have it free if you buy the home study course.  


Bonus #2: Free Admission to my One Day workshop. A solid day of reviewing all the strategies of buying and selling "Pretty Homes." You'll see how I put together my latest real life deals. A $97 value, yours absolutely FREE.


Bonus #3: Free admission on my monthly teleconferences. We'll discuss current events in the real estate industry that can help you continue to succeed at making money. You can ask questions, hear other students tell about their successes and hear about new strategies hot off the press. A  $97 value, yours absolutely FREE.


You're going to get information that's not available anywhere else. You won't get this in any courses and there's no book available that will teach you the powerful strategies and techniques you'll learn in my home study courseYou'll learn negotiating, structuring deals, completing contracts, answering objections and picking my brain for 90 solid days.  I'm going to ask you to sign an agreement not to share any of my secrets to anyone other than your spouse or partner. I'm going to help you put your business on automatic pilot so you can free up your life and spend it as you choose with your family and friends.

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This is the philosophy I've adopted and live byÖ

The Less I Do The More I Make!

You'll need to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime experience to savor every morsel of training and education.  You canít get this stuff anywhere else.  If you canít, I guess that's OK.  This isn't for everyone.  This powerful Home Study course is for the minority of people, not the majority.  And being filthy rich is not for everyone either.

If I'm right about you, and I think 1 am, you're in that minority. 1 believe you have what it takes or you wouldn't have been hand selected to receive this letter. I'm a big believer in prescreening, as you probably already know. 1 set aside several hundred names to get to yours based on your past performance and commitment. 1 know; you're worried what this will cost. Isnít that Right? It does sound expensive, doesn't it?

OK Bob, Give Me The Bad News!

Well, what would it be worth to you to quit your job and live the way you want? What would you spend to be able to take four vacations a year and go wherever you want, stay as long as you like, shop in the best stores while you're there and not have to worry what was happening at home while you're gone? Would you do what you had to do if you never had to make this statement to another human being as long as you live... l Can't Afford It?

How would you feel if you were driving around a new free and clear Mercedes everywhere you went instead of that cheap three-year-old excuse for a car you'll be making payments on for another 2 years? What would it be worth to know your children are attending the best schools now and their college is paid for long before they get old enough to attend? Would you spend whatever 1 asked if you absolutely knew you could eliminate the word "budget" from your vocabulary forever?

First let me tell you the price, than Iíll make you an offer you canít refuse.  You can buy the Home Study course for $997.

Thatís a lot of money, isnít it?  $997 is a lot of money!  Truth is guys, youíre going to pay the $997 whether you buy my course or not.  You donít really have a choice.


Here are your options. Option 1 Ė do nothing.  Now thatís the path of least resistance, isnít it?  We can do nothing, what do we generally get?  Nothing!  But we can keep buying those lottery tickets though, canít we?


Thereís a lot of people waiting for their ship to come in, trouble is, it hasnít left the dock yet.


When you do nothing, you get nothing. But hey, that doesnít hurt so bad.  Because when you do nothing you donít have anything to lose.  Thatís the most expensive choice you can make. And truthfully thatís the choice many of you will make.  And thatís okay with me.  As I learned a long time ago that only when the student is ready can the teacher appear.


Your second option, is to try to learn what I know cheaper than what I charge.  Ainít going to happen.


Do you intend to buy a house to live in between now and the day you die?  Do you know you canít get through life without being exposed to real estate?  Do you think itís worth $997 to just keep you for making a mistake on the next house you buy?  People, can you see that if you donít know how to negotiate closing costs on the next house that you buy it can cost you more than $997 because of what you donít know.


Can you imagine what I can save you on real estate deals even if you donít do it for business?  Thereís no way, no way, you can get off cheaper than buying my course.


But what about all those deals youíre going to attempt to do?  How many deals are you going to throw in the trash can because you canít see how to do them so you do the most likely thing, just throw them away.


The cost of my Home Study course isnít cheap.  Neither is my time.  Where else can you get a supercharged start?  How much would you have to pay for it if it was a franchise?  Probably $10,000 $25,000 $50,000.  It would cost many times that for a successful franchise. And they would never guarantee your success.


Just think without the proper training, youíll probably spend  $997 too much to repair a house, $997 more than you should to buy the house and sell the house for $997 less than you should because you donít know what to do. Youíll pay for my course many times over if you decide not to come.


If you miss out on a single deal because you donít know where to look, how to prescreen or what to offer (and youíll miss out on dozens of deals) youíve paid for my course many times over.


Even more important than all of the above, how much profit are you losing every day by not knowing what I can teach you?  (Probably tens of thousands)


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You see, my friends, you really donít have a choice.  No education is free.  Itís simply a matter of whom you pay.  Iím the most qualified man to teach you how to make money in real estate.  I back that statement with my reputation; my word, and an ironclad no risk guarantee and my full support for 90 full days.

The Cost of Education is Cheap Compared to Ignorance! Look Folks, The Cost is Irrelevant. Itís a Fraction of Your First Deal!

Picture yourself waking up every morning full of excitement and enthusiasm about your life.  Going to work every day becomes a joy and you just can't wait to get there.  If that was the case, would you find the money somehow to get this course?  If you could generate multiples, I mean multiples more income than the cost of this course, would you find a way?  If you could live like you wanted, buy what you wanted and provide the kind of lifestyle that is meant for you and your family, would you do it?  Don't you think it's about time for you to make a change that's going to give you all of those things?  Well, the first step is to take advantage of the opportunity I'm providing for you now!

 It amazes me how most people think nothing of buying a car or other toy worth thousands of dollars but when it comes time to buy financial freedom it's such a major decision. How much did you spend on vacation last year? What have you got to show for it? If 1 charged you $10,000 you'd be getting the deal of a lifetime. One little deal would recoup your entire cost. That's a proven fact.


This brings me to Option No. 3, which is, "just take me up on it."  I guarantee your success! Basically you canít lose. Iíve made getting this course and the success that it brings as painless and easy as I can. The only question to ask yourself is ďHow Soon do You Want to Start Making Money?

     You Don't Know What You Don't Know!

Nothing can be done about past mistakes but I can certainly help you prevent making future mistakes.  To do this, I'll need your help.  The next move is up to you my friend.  My life will not change based on the decision that you make.  But my guess is, yours will if you decide to take advantage of this opportunity I'm offering you. It's A Life Changing Decision! Your life, not mine!

You should know the average net profit from a pretty house deal nationwide is over $27,000. That's one deal. I can't promise you twenty-seven grand on your first deal but what if we just shoot for ten times the cost of your course that got you this education? Is that fair?

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Itís Tax Deductible

By the way, the cost of your Home Study course is tax deductible if this is your business. That means our Uncle Sam is willing to pay about a third of your tuition. Ain't that neat?

If there's anything else 1 can do give me a call. Make a decision and take action. Your family will appreciate it. 1-866-246-2663 9am - 5pm EST

     Here's to Your Giant Leap,

     Bob Campana, Your mentor to Financial Independence!

P.S. Just to review this incredible offer, you get over 20 hours of audio CD's and a 300 page manual of powerful up-to-the-minute techniques and strategies to turn single-family houses into big profits, the complete Pretty House course is a step-by-step system. Youíll have the CD's to listen to over and over again to review key strategies.


P.P.S. Don't forget about the $400.00 in Free Bonuses. The offer to mentor with me through our Hot Line for 90 Days, free admission to my One Day Workshop, and free admission to my Teleconference calls. This is a unique offer that may be worth thousands of dollars in profit to you and may never be offered again, so please take advantage of it.


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