$31,000 Profit
"Your program was a great time for me.  If you follow Bob's program you will make lots of money in real estate.  My last 2 sales netted me $31,000 in profit."
Ed T.   Poland, Ohio

Personal Coaching
"Your Boot Camp was exciting and jam-packed with information.  However, the personal coaching that you offer brings it all together.  The one-on-one dialogue gives me an opportunity to explore some areas that I didn't fully understand, to ask questions that pertain to my particular circumstances, and to get experienced feedback on my efforts.  Your coaching is a vital complement to the workshop content, and critical to the success of anyone pursuing this type of endeavor.  Thanks for your help."
Greg W.   Niles, Ohio

$32,000 Profit
"My name is Roy Root and I am a mortgage broker.  By using Bob's methods of buying and selling homes I have just recently sold a home that I had a total with remodeling of $17,000 for $50,450 netting me after closing costs $32,000.  1 years pay for a lot of people.  Thanks for your help Bob."
Roy R.   Warren, Ohio

$17,000 Profit
"My husband and I took Bob Campana's investment class together.  We purchased our first house within a few months of completing the class.  After rehabbing the property using Bob's formulas, techniques and advice, we were able to sell and made a profit of about $17,000.  We were apprehensive and made some mistakes along the way, but even with those mistakes we were still able to profit using Bob's methods.  The course is well designed and Bob is an excellent teacher.  Bob's system definitely works."
Keith and Elaine K.   Austintown, Ohio

$20,000+ Profit
"I recently completed my first rehab deal in the city of Cleveland.  I want to thank you for your phone guidance through this deal.  I am pleased to say my profit after all expenses was $20,029.66.  I am currently under contract with both my second and third deals.  I look forward to talking with you soon"
Steve D.  Cleveland, Ohio

"As an endorsement to your courses"
"I took the basic buying ugly houses 3 day seminar in the spring of 2002.  I did have some basic knowledge of real estate, but needed the extra push and knowledge that the 3 day seminar provided.  It was an excellent seminar.  Since the seminar, I have formed my own LLC, purchased 7 houses and have sold 6.  3 of the houses were purchased with 'soft money' from lenders that work with re habbers. 

On one of the houses we made the offer on Dec. 10 with an expected closing date of Dec. 27.  On the weekend before Christmas I placed an ad in the Plain Dealer to wholesale the house, having raised the price of the property by $12,000.  The ad ran Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The property was sold by Sunday night, and we had not even had the title transfer yet.

We are looking to do 7 to 10 houses in the next 12 months, and this has all been done on a part time basis.  I truly feel that the course that Bob taught was the impetus for me to start putting into action, what I had learned from the course.  Highly recommend this course."
Bob S.   Cleveland, Ohio

$19,000+ Profit
"We wanted to share the success on the buy and sell of our first house.  We bought our house for $7,150 and put a total of $18,400 in renovations.  We assisted the buyer through Ameridream programs, sold the house for $45,000 and made a net profit of $19,450.  Thank you for this fabulous program and for all the extra help after we bought our first investment."
John & Francis R.  Struthers, Ohio

$9,500 Wholesale
"I took your boot camp and was amazed at the amount of money I could make. My first deal I offered on worked with the formula.  Home listed at $24,900.  I used Bob's info and looked at comparables and felt after repair of $10K it would be worth $60K.  My maximum offer was $22K.  I started with $11,500.  Their counter was $19K.  I countered to $14,500.  Counter: $17,500.  Mine was $15,500.  My offer was accepted!  I could have retailed this for $30,000 profit, but I wholesaled it for $25,000.  This made me $9500 with no work at all.  I continue to use Bob's info and profit of at least $10,000 per deal.  The boot camp was worth every penny.  Thanks Bob!"
Lesley S.  Pittsburgh, Pa

$37,720.92 Profit
"I had to write you to tell you of my first rehab project.  As you recall I was in your spring class, April 2002.  After attending your class and learning your system of Real Estate investing and rehabbing, I had the confidence and the knowledge I felt I needed to begin my first project.  As fate would have it two weeks after your boot camp, I received a call from a don't wanter.  I went out with a contract in my hand using the comps and formula learned at your boot camp.  To sum up my first experience, I was able to purchase the home for $31,000.  I put approximately $21,000 into rehabbing and sold the house for $98,500 using the Ameridream Program and paying the seller-closing costs.  After deducting holding and closing costs I received a check showing a gross profit to me of $37,720.92.

I partnered with a classmate who sat next to me at your seminar to do a wholesale on a home in Northfield Ohio, where we split $10,000.  Not bad for a few hours work.  We should be closing on another wholesale deal in the next few weeks.  I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!!!

I want to thank you for your help, support, and continued coaching to help make my first experience a huge success."
Mike R.  Your Number 1 Fan
Akron, Ohio

4 Deals $80,000+  Profit
"By using Bob Campana's formula I did my first deal and made $15,378 at closing plus a second mortgage at $2,500 payable to me at $25 per month for a 15 year term.
I closed another two deals in a week, 1969 Donald I sold for $57,000, my profit was $23,900 and also sold 27 N Maryland for $64,000, and my profit was $18,000. 
I bought 854 Lanterman for $12,500, put $6,000 in repairs for a total of $18,500 and I had $1,000 in holding costs.  I sold at $54,000 on an 80% LTV for a profit of $23,400 plus a second mortgage of $5,400 with the payment of $115 per month."
Jason N.  Warren, Ohio