Wholesale Deal $5,000 Profit
"As a newcomer to the exciting and growing field of real estate investment, I wanted guidance in how to approach it in a systematic, business-like fashion.  It was important for me to find someone who was trustworthy and had a proven track record of success in the business.  I found what I was looking for and much more by participating in Bob Campana's Real Estate Investment boot camp program.  Besides being a wealth of knowledge regarding the ins and outs of the business.  Bob's program offered real world examples to learn from through his "Bus Tour" of actual properties in the city in which the boot camp was held.

The boot camp covers a wide range of topics that are important to real estate investors including:
Recognizing good and bad opportunities
Protecting your interests in structuring deals
Innovative ways to put the deals together.

Shortly after completing the course, I was able to locate an investment opportunity, negotiate a deal, and wholesale a property (all within 10 days and turning a $5,000 profit).

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of participating in the boot camp comes after the course is over.  Bob provides coaching free of charge on any deal that you are currently working or considering.

I would recommend Bob's real estate boot camp to any investor who wants to maximize their opportunities and move their game up to the next level."
Marika D.   Cleveland, Ohio

$22,000 Profit
"Thanks Bob for giving us priceless information that has propelled us to greater understanding.  As investors prior to learning about you, many apprehensions were eliminated through your course.  Our first home purchased after your course was a profit eye opener.

Warren 2 bedroom  home without a garage.

Purchased in Sept 2002   $17,000

Sold for  $55,000

Repairs, holding cost and closing cost $16,000

Net $22,000

Next deal will net even greater results through your mentoring process!  Your the best!"
Greg & Sandy M.   Cortland, Ohio

$20,000+ Profit
"In September of 2001, I attended Bob's real estate boot camp.  Less than 2 weeks later I had the confidence to purchase my first investment property for $7,000, in spite of the chuckles from some of my friends and family.  Using Bob's techniques, I invested $13,000 in repairs and renovations.  I then sold that same property for $49,900!
Once I subtracted my holding and selling costs, my net profit was over $20,000.
Bob was terrific through the entire process providing advice and encouragement.  I now own investment houses #2 and #3.  I plan on repeating the above scenario over and over again.
Look who's chuckling now!  Thanks Bob!"
Pete R.   Niles, Ohio

$5,900 Profit
"I just wanted to send you the great news about my latest wholesale deal.  I found this deal while browsing the MLS.  Since my wife is a real estate agent, she pulls listings for me to view on a weekly basis.  Since I live on the north side of Pittsburgh, I know the area very well.  For example, there was a property listed on the MLS for $15,900, and the selling price after repairs was about $45,000.  I viewed the property, and estimated the repairs using the repair estimate form that I received while attending your boot camp here in Pittsburgh.  After completing the estimates, I calculated my maximum allowable offer to be $10,000.  After negotiating with the bank for about 3 months, we finally agreed upon a purchase price of $10,000.  Once I get a property under agreement, I start the title search so that when I find a buyer we can close the deal.  I then placed an ad in the paper, called investors from my buyer's list, and posted the property for sale on the ACRE website.  I found a buyer who just happened to be browsing the ACRE website.  We agreed on a sale price of $15,900.  I was in Florida at the time with my buyer contacted me, so I faxed the agreement to him and I instruced him to take the earnest money deposit of $1000 to my attorney's office.  This property sold within one week.  It took about 3 months of negotiating with the bank, but it was worth the $5,900 profit.  Bob's training on retailing and wholesaling has definitely paid off!!!  Thank you Bob."
Leonard A.   Pittsburgh, Pa

Offer Accepted
"Hi Bob!  Wanted to share my excitement that, just off the coast of St Thomas, my revised offer on the junker at 126 W Eugene was accepted by the REO corporation!

The Deal
SPAR:   $60,000 (expect to list for $64,900)
70%:  $42,000
Repairs:  $12,000
Profit:  $10,000
MO:   $20,000

I got it for 19K!

Looking forward to discussing next steps (contractors and financing)."
Doug S.  Pittsburgh, Pa

3 Day Seminar
"We have been landlords for some years, but were growing weary with the hassles.  We sold our first property on Palmer in Youngstown 2 months after taking Bob's course.  We made a profit even after taking cash out when we refinanced it 3 years ago.  Bob's course and himself are a wealth of information."
Rich & Cindy C.  Canfield, Ohio

3 Deals $42,500 Profit
"Bob, these are the deals I did recently using your purchase and sales technique.
Bought Summon:$4,500
Gross Profit:$13,000

Bought Freeman:$7,200
Gross Profit:$15,000

Bought Forest:$5,500

Costs do not reflect title and transfer fees.

I would advise any potential investor to closely follow Bob's lead.  Do as he has done, and you should be very happy and profitable in the future."
J.R.N.  Warren, Ohio