Teleconference Classes - $97.00 (Approx. 90 min.)

These classes may be the beginning of your new financial future. Plus, for a few of you, this will be your year to mine your wealth mountains and "crack" your own millionaire code, with our team and us as your mentors.

If you would like to "crack the millionaire code" in the area of Real Estate, we can show you a road map to help take you there!

We teach strategies that are radically different from any MBA program. We will teach you ideas you can implement immediately. We want to give you the best knowledge and instruction available from the "Real World".

We are excited to share this revolutionary system of wealth building with you!


This teleconference will provide a how-to approach to investment property analysis. Real life examples with single family homes will be used to analyze income, leverage, returns and exchanges into better-performing investments. Topics include understanding and marketing investment property.


  1. Investment Real Estate
    1. What Is Investment Real Estate?
    2. Five Major Advantages Of Investment Real Estate
  2. Real Estate Cash Flow Concepts
    1. Standard Cash Flow Model
    2. Calculating Before-Tax Cash Flow
    3. Case Study 1
  3. Tax Aspects Of Cash Flow
    1. Before-Tax Cash Flow vs. Real Estate Taxable Income
    2. After-Tax Cash Flow
    3. Tax Aspects Of Cash Flow Definitions
    4. Passive Losses
    5. Real Estate Investor vs. Real Estate Dealer
    6. Case Study 2
  4. Common Uses Of Cash Flow Analysis
    1. Determining The Value Of Investment Property
    2. Gross Rent Multiplier And Capitalization Rate Method
    3. Cash On Cash
    4. Debt Coverage Ratio

Who Should Attend

Real estate investors, real estate agents and brokers, property managers, developers, accountants, financial planners and advisors, landlords, housing managers and attorneys. Register Here



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